Cellular Cleanse For The Best Detox

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What Is a Cellular Cleanse?

The cellular cleanse or ‘autophagy’ refers to the body recycling its old and dead cells to help form and repair new cells. The process is amplified when the body is under cellular stress i.e. when you are in a fasted state.

Technically your body is eating itself which is what the word autophagy literally means.

A cellular cleanse will reduce inflammation, stop cancerous growths and stop metabolic dysfunction like obesity and diabetes. You will see a higher immunity, getting sick less and an increase in brain function which will increase overall productivity.

So you realise just how powerful the cellular cleanse is, but how do you initiate it? There are several ways which if all used together speed things along dramatically. Here are 3 ways to begin a cellular cleanse:

1) Fasting

Fasting is abstaining from consuming any calories for an extended period of time. Or more specifically the water fast. When your body is deprived of nutrients it will initiate a cellular cleanse. This process usually begins around 20 hours into your fast. An effective way to incorporate a cellular cleanse into your life regularly is to fast for longer than 20 hours at least once a week.

There is no harm with regular fasting in fact it has been shown in studies to increase life span. The OMAD diet is growing in popularity in the world of health and fitness. OMAD stands for One Meal a Day. Many people have used this eating method to lose fat, kill fatigue, balance hormone function and increase their overall sense wellbeing.

Another popular option is to fast for an extended period once a month. Some people water fast for up to 5 days. However I don’t believe 5 days is necessary, 3 is more than enough.

Do NOT confuse traditional water fast with a ‘juice fast’. A juice fast is not truly fasting because there are still calories and nutrients in the juice. Your body will use the juice as a source of fuel and therefore will not initiate the cellular cleanse.

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2) Exercise

Exercise puts stress on the body. Working out or more specifically weight training damages your muscles. It causes tiny micro tears that the body then must heal, resulting in stronger and more resistant muscle.

The body adapts a cellular cleanse while exercising. A study with rats has shown that the rate which their cells broke down through autophagy drastically increased after running for 30 minutes on a treadmill. The rate then continued to increase until they had been running for 80 minutes.

Intense exercise is recommended by cellular biologists at the University of Michigan to increase the rate of autophagy.

So there’s actually a reason you may feel refreshed after a good workout!

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3) Lower Carbohydrate Intake

While fasting for extended periods is a great way to induce a cellular cleanse, fasting may not be for everyone. Fasting for extended periods puts your body into a state of ketosis.

Ketosis is the metabolic process in which your body burns fat instead of sugar for fuel. This metabolic process can also be initiated by eating less than 20-50g of carbohydrates a day. People call this the ketogenic diet or high fat low carb diet.

On this diet you cut out almost all sources of carbohydrates, leaving in only the leafy green and cruciferous vegetables. Some other non starchy vegetables that contain very little carbohydrates are also safe to eat.

Ketosis can fight metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity by losing body fat and balancing blood sugar levels. It protects against degenerative brain disorders. The diet itself is very high in fat with 60-70% of your daily calorie consumption coming from fat, 20-30% protein and 10-20% carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet doesn’t actually induce cellular cleansing like the other methods do. However being in a state of ketosis has many of the same benefits that autophagy brings.

Each and every method is powerful in its own right, but when used together it brings about an incredibly strong cellular cleanse. Used together it will massively reduce inflammation, stabilise blood sugar levels, aid in weight loss and general energy levels.

Take Away

Allowing your body to recycle itself in a cellular cleanse is an incredible way to increase your overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Also helping to increase brain function which will increase your overall work productivity and ability to cope in stressful situations.

Allowing for a regular cellular cleanse will certainly make you a stronger, healthier and more confident individual. The bottom line is regular exercise and occasional fasting and carbohydrate restriction will change your life in a positive way!

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