Conscious Evolution...Or Karma?

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If you are happy, well adjusted, and at complete ease within yourself. Great. You do not need to continue reading. But if you aren't, then consider this message.

If we were to sum up the general anecdote of life, it would be to "know thy self." Don't believe me?Remember the time when you were screaming at the top of your lungs at your children, partner, family member? Lost control right?

Or the time when the ground disappeared from under you as the realization of betrayal and deceit from your lover sank in?

These events are not mistakes; they are opportunities to "know thyself." They are opportunities to see the unconscious patterns that operate within us. Patterns that cause us pain, misery and heartache. Patterns, that when broken, can set us free.

If you are happy, well adjusted, and at complete ease within yourself. Great. You do not need to continue reading. But if you aren't, then consider this message. We either evolve consciously or unconsciously. But either way, we evolve.

If you are unconscious, your karmic cycles will keep coming at you until you become aware of what you are putting out there. Your Unconscious Operating Pattern. Usually, this is a painful way. If we do it consciously, then we are in effect using our will toward our evolution.

Growing up everyone tells you how you should be. Your parents, society, school, religion, friends, authorities, everyone! Life is a series of advice. And if it's not coming directly at you, it is expected that you know.


Parents, through best intentions, verbally pass on what didn't work for them, ultimately leaving their siblings with unresolved festering emotions and thoughts, further fueling the generational blame game and adding to the mess.

Society is no better. Everybody walking about with prim and proper faces, harboring secrets, away from the scorn and judgment of the world, which thrives on punishment, shame, and guilt. Religions, preaching rather than accepting and listening. Peer groups pressuring innocence into isolation and seclusion, while the unexplained questions crawl around in their heads keeping them in a spin of confusion. Wild emotions, adding to their confusion, churning through like a hurricane sweeping an unsuspecting town.

Your conclusion becomes "If this is going on inside me, and everyone else seems fine, then it must be me! There must be something wrong with me!"

Slowly limiting beliefs form and become your self-limiting prophesy that grinds you into a menial, stressful existence. Isolated, fearful, trudging around in a manic state, barely coping with life, where you operate from your primal modality. Survival.

This is being Unconscious.


There is another way.

Conscious Evolution!

Being conscious is about knowing yourself. Knowing, who you are, how your brains functions, what beliefs are yours and what are not. You become aware of what works for you and what doesn't. You are clear on what you most value in life. You clean your toxic, stagnant energies in your body and mind, and realign your system so that functions at its optimum level. You become the master of your Mind and Body. The master of your life.

Coming face to face willingly places you in a position of power. And that power is CHOICE. You choose how YOU want to feel, how you want to THINK. You are not dependant on your friends, family, the world. You are free.


Your base foundation from which you operate becomes pleasantness. Contentment is your state. And whether you achieve or not becomes irrelevant because you are anchored in joy. What you strive for becomes less detached and desperate, and as a result, things come to you more effortlessly. Life is good because you are good.

Facing your self is challenging. Make no mistake. But the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine. Consciously evolving is perhaps the noblest, courageous and most responsible thing that you can do in your Life.

You become the light of the world.

You shine from the inside out.

And when you do, the world shines right back, making it a better place for all.

- Sotir Ivanovski 

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