Creating The Life We Love...Why Don't We Know?

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Creating life we love...why don't we know?

I wanted it so bad! So bad that I constantly talked about it, tugging people around me to join in my excitement with the possibility of living A LIFE I LOVED.

For many years I was obsessed. Obsessed about Living a Life I loved. I read book after book on the topic. Studied people who did what they loved for a living. I observed their behaviours. Read their biographies. Followed them.

I would get so excited when I learned something new. I would passionately share it with my family, friends, and colleagues as though I had discovered the "secret to life!"

I wanted it so bad! So bad that I constantly talked about it, tugging people around me to join in my excitement with the possibility of living A LIFE I LOVED.

Something unusual happened. Every time I shared, the idea was dismissed. Both directly and indirectly. People either completely rejected the notion….Or simply just didn’t know.

Their Limiting beliefs fired at me, justifying their why but never really answering.

"Those people who lived their dream life were either lucky or born into a rich family!" They’d scorn.

I kept digging…Trying to get past their limits…."Ok imagine you won 50 Million Dollars, what would you do?" The response was always the same. Buy a house, Buy a Car, Go on a Holiday. For some reason, I was dissatisfied with this response. This wasn’t the answer I WAS LOOKING FOR. Sure, don’t get me wrong, I’d probably buy a House, Car and Go on an extensive Holiday myself.

But that wasn’t Living a life I loved!

What about after that? What then? How would I live my day to day life? What would it look like? Who would I love to do it with? What would I love to do from morning to night? Day in day out? Even If I wasn’t paid for it!

I just couldn’t understand it! It seriously perplexed me! How could it be that everyone I talked with didn't know what they loved?


Then I remembered…

My memory took me back to when I was at school. I was 16. It was near the end of the term. We were asked to choose electives that reflected the type of work we wanted to do. I had no idea. None! Everyone around me was ticking and writing with absolute certainty. Everyone except Me. I was lost. Clueless. I had absolutely no idea….

Creating the life we love...why don't we know?

Lost and confused, I did what any kid would do….Copy! I found out what my friends were all choosing, and did the same.

Life went by. And slowly as time passed, questions emerged. Questions that strike us at some point or another. Why am I here? Who am I? What would I love to do?

It took me a long long time to uncover what I love. And in a way, the journey is still unfolding…But now I have a handle…What I discovered about myself was that my idea of Life, Success, and Happiness were all gained by my perception of how the world was, and how I needed to fit into it.

My focus was fitting in….Fitting into the current model. The model of 9 to 5. The model of the daily grind. The model of "this is how life is." Go to school. Study. Be obedient. Study more. Get a Degree, Diploma, Certificate. Get a job. Get Married. Have a Family. Get a debt. Buy a house. And pay it off for the rest of your life. Retire.

The only problem was, this model didn’t work for me…

It just didn’t sit right inside me. But I kept trying to fit in time and time again. After all, everyone else fitted in. So why couldn’t I? What was wrong with me?

A lot of Self Reflection and Development later, I realised that anything and everything that has ever been achieved and looked up by the general population were by people who followed their own path. The pioneers of the world. The courageous entrepreneurs, adventurers, visionaries, spiritual leaders that had crystal clear vision and unshakeable determination even amidst their greatest adversaries.

If we are true to ourselves and have the courage not to stray along with popular societal opinions and doctrines, friends and family, our inner expression of who we truly are will surface.

It did for me.

Living here on earth, a micro spec in the midst of an inconceivable universe where no one truly knows where up or down actually is! Where we learn from people we see as gods, who themselves were lost and afraid in a world they did everything to survive in.

On top of that, there are Organisations and Governments whose idea of power and control is to keep us Fearful and Obedient.

But…The thing is…it doesn’t go away!

The inner pulse of self-expression and wanting never wanes! It’s there! Always! Underneath all the rules and beliefs we made up. Under all the characters we created that excuse us into reasoning "Why we should give up even before we begin!"

It took me years to uncover what I love. And I’m so glad that I have. BECAUSE it’s not just the clarity that I have gained, but the person I am becoming. You see, what you love is merely an expression of the highest expression of you. A you that is Not Limited…Hell bent on settling into a menial survival existence that follows societies idea of life.

It's a YOU that is Free, Unlimited and Allowing.

Whether it's through Dancing, Music, Art, Travel, Building something, Writing, Sport, or Studying the Stars, it doesn’t matter. As long as it's You!


It has to be Yours! IT HAS TO BE YOU!

It’s inside you. It always has been. And when you give your self the time and space to check in, feel and uncover what it is for you! You’re half way there.

Creating the Life We Love Doesn’t just happen. It takes work, persistence and steely commitment…I read somewhere that around 85% of people are unhappy at work. Unhappy!

So the next time someone asks you "How would you love to live your Life?" Will your answer be…"Buy a House, Car, and go on a Holiday?"

Or Will it be the unique, clear expression of YOU!

Maybe you are in a disconnected job; you don't have enough freedom to do what you love to do, no time to play.If you want to learn more about changing your life, creating more freedom or a lifestyle that reflects what you love, subscribe at for more information.

- Sotir Ivanovski  

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