Different! Don't Fit In

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A Repeat Of: "Different! Don't Fit In" Has Arrived 

Storming through the door muttering "... different! Don' fit in.... Again !" The tornado in the shape of a child has gone through.  After that brief, a momentary pause, you just know what is coming next.

The challenge of being part of the 'human herd' is fitting in. Generally, people mirror patterns of behaviours subconsciously imitating gestures, clothing, anxiety ticks and political balances in Be Different. Don;'t fit in.  Go find another circle of influence.the belief system that enable then to socially fit into the herd.  There goes that idea. Socially Autistics may have major problems with these constantly changing attitudes.

These are the times when the final straw breaking happens. Often just the slightest thing triggers the reaction. The reactive person getting the blame for that ongoing bullying being done to them.  And in comes the "Why am I different! Don't fit in" storm through the door.

Different! Don't fit in still in the workforce as well.

Adults are little different. Don't fit in is still there The workforce can be a cruel place to survive.  Being from another country, culture, interest group, financial background, tends to make you the new person on the block.  Isolated and vulnerable once again.  Bow down and become one of the pack.  Or be different. Don't fit in. Be isolated.  

Online be different. Don't fit in still sounded familiar?

The internet was different when I started with the idea of passing information to parents of the children that came to activities after school.  While some sent information out, others used the internet as a platform to create their business online. Aware of the uncommon approaches the idea

I Am Checking out Autism from another Prespective

of any form of online community development fascinated me.  Other 'real life' areas tried,had chained us to the business of 'being there'. Always present.  

Subconsciously knowing there was something life changing out there. Where I would fit in.  All I needed was for it to be found again.  Mum had shown me a site. So I knew it had been invented. Just could not find that program again.  

Being brought up in an extended family where if you cannot find it, create it, was a normal everyday occurrence I set about starting a training package of my own.  Frustrated was an understatement.

Yes! Work Was Different. Don't fit in still applied.  Just under another name.

Working extremely long on call shifts one day enough was enough. Doing what I was doing for a job while being left the 'dirty' shifts had taken it's toll. Others went home to tend to their families.  I was different. Don't fit in but you're expected to work straight through as a fill in person tonight. 

October 19th, 2012 saw that enough was definitely enough.  Mentally, and physically, just so exhausted I no longer cared !  I went home and basically slept for the next six months knowing the internet had some answers.  I'll look then.  In truth the answer found me.

The pathway back to normal sleeping patterns has been an eye opener.  It's extraordinary fun to know that you dare to be different "Don't fit in" are the amongst the sweetest bundle of words you can hear should you ever go and visit those who are doing your old shifts. 

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