Fat Loss Stalled? – Why Toxins Are Holding You Back

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What Are Toxins and Why Are they Stopping My Fat Loss?

Why has my fat loss stalled? This is a question hundreds of thousands of people ask every day. I was one of those people forever searching for the reason why the scales weren’t budging. No matter how much exercise I did or what diet I followed.
Then I discovered something vital that changed everything for me. I discovered how toxic I am and how toxic the world is. Toxins are what held me back and there’s a good chance they’re holding you back too!

fat loss stalled

Toxins are stored within our fat cells. Our bodies do this to protect our vital organs. This is why belly fat is more dangerous than fat in other areas because it is so close to our organs.
Because we are no longer a hunter gatherer society in that we farm our food and hoard it to consume at a later date, our food is sprayed with all sorts of chemicals such as pesticides to keep the food from decaying too fast. These however are toxic, and so consuming most food today allows toxins into our bodies.
fat loss stalled
Studies show that when the toxins are released from our stored fat tissue they hinder and poison our metabolism and slows our fat burning process! This can cause other issues such as low energy and fatigue.
To put it simply when you diet to lose weight, your metabolism will slow down because of those stored toxins being released back into your body!
Toxins in your body also disrupt proper hormone function. They can block the thyroid receptors which stress the liver and damage the mitochondria (what produces energy by metabolising carbohydrates and fatty acids).
These toxins can also hinder the leptin signals sent to your brain. Leptin’s function is to tell you that you are full and satiated. If this is impaired you will always feel hungry and crave food!
Here are some steps to take to help rid those toxins from your system:

Minimise Exposure – Go Organic

fat loss stalled

Stop eating processed foods. Buy completely organic foods and always drink filtered water. You can use houseplants in each room to help keep the air clean, and swap to organic cleaning products and body care products.

Exercise – Sweat

fat loss stalled

Working up your heart rate is a great way to get the blood pumping and burning off those fat cells holding the toxins however they need a way out of your system. Make sure to sweat! Wear track pants while training and get in the sauna every day! There are so many other health benefits to a daily sauna sesh. Check this out here.

Get more Anti-oxidants

fat loss stalled

This is a no brainer, you’ve all heard by now that you should be drinking green tea every day for its anti-oxidant effect. They help to rid your system of toxins! Make sure to eat plenty of organic foods with anti-oxidants and minerals such as spinach, kale, broccoli, garlic, cocoa and blueberries.

Have regular bowel movements

This one might sound nasty to talk about, but it is a necessary function for your body. Many of the toxins inside your body are expelled through your number 2’s! If you aren’t frequent at once a day I would suggest reflecting upon your diet. Are you consuming enough fibre?

Take an enzyme supplement

fat loss stalled

Remember when I mentioned the pesticides and chemicals used in most of our food? Those chemicals do a good job at killing important enzymes in the food. Our bodies produce some of the enzymes needed to help digest our food but a lot of them come from the food itself.
What does that mean? We don't have enough enzymes to properly digest everything we eat. A quality enzyme supplement is essential in order to fully digest the nutrients we consume. I take a supplement called 'Masszymes' to help digest my food.
Since using it I've noticed a big increase in my overall energy and wellbeing and a modest decrease in appetite. With the body absorbing more nutrients from what I eat it realises it doesn't need to consume as much.
The increased energy you get from properly digesting your food will do wonders for your energy, motivation, mood and work productivity.

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Take Away

Toxins are everywhere and difficult to avoid. This is why it's so important to eat a balanced and natural diet. Avoid processed food for the most part and exercise daily whether you lift weights in the gym or jog around the block.

Eat more foods that are rich in antioxidants and be sure to take a quality enzyme supplement to ensure your body is absorbing all the nutrients from your food.