Father Daughter relationship must improve

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Father Son/Daughter relationships need to improve

As a father, husband, hard worker there are times when I think about the balance of life and how I can improve my relationships.

With teenagers, they are moving into a world that utilises different technology than what I grew up with and can do things that I would never have dreamed.

So with these things they don’t need me. So do they need me at all? YES

Basic life skills aren’t available from any anyone else but their Father (and Mother).

One suggestion I heard yesterday is to make a coffee date with your teenager and get into a routine to keep this going regularly.

Listen to their opinions about life, politics etc. and not to judge them but to inquire why they see that point of view and open up the discussion (even if it is totally against your views)

This will help open up channels of communication.

It is not THE answer but eating an elephant one mouthful at a time!!

We continue to learn and grow as parents and people. Using a mentor and these tools may help you

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