Free from the past!

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Life goes on!

   Are you free from the past! Life is a journey from the day we arrive until the day we leave and as Robert Frost so wisely sums it up “It goes on!” We make many choices at cross roads and get lost in between. We fall off track and we step on again. The record player gets stuck on a track from the past. Sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes it’s rough. The more we experience the more we grow, and the paths of choices ahead of us multiplies.

  We fail with our relationships, finances and health and our chaotic mind wipes up tremendous pain in our attempt trying to understand, control and make sense of it all. “Live and let live” is easy to say but can be hard to follow. We fight it, fail to understand why and the seeds of weed in our garden grows. Your mind is playing you, life is playing what you’ve sowed and the chaos goes on and on.  You’re standing in the mid of a hurricane either trying to keep your hair neat or pulling it in rage because it won’t set you free.  


  Have you been there? Are you there now? Or are you skimming the surface avoiding the grinding feeling of discomfort? Are you dragging the past with you or are you FREE from it?

 The war, the fight, the hiding from, the struggle we put up against the pain we go through keeps us stuck in it. You’ve heard it. “What we resist persists.”  If we don’t free ourselves from the experience it holds us in a gridlock and we fortalice the growth of pain in the present moment and create equivalent circumstances for the future.  We keep it alive, multiplying, copying and replanting it.

 Are you dragging the past like a heavy load with you? Are feelings of regret and questions of why stuck in your mind, draining your energy and zest for living?

 The past is dead! It does not belong in your present, why suffocate yourself with it? Let it go! It was what it was… Every time you ponder over something from the past you keep it alive. You are giving mouth, to mouth resuscitation to something you wish had not happened. You are keeping it alive by continuing to feed it by asking why or regretting it ever played out in your life.

 If you by now scream “I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I can’t” all I can say is “yes you can.” If you’re willing to take responsibility for your life, your health and your relationship with you which ultimately effects all your relationships “yes you can.” It is in your hands, it’s your doing!

 The past can never be rewritten but it can be re-lived. By re-living you give yourself permission to release it. Re-live the past, acknowledge the pain you felt, the unfairness of what happened, the sadness and anger. It’s called to complete with the experience. Complete with the past so that you can free yourself from it.

 Go back and feel the sadness, fear, chaos, pain or whatever it was that holds you locked there. It’s the ultimate gift of self-love to acknowledge the wrongdoing from others as well as from you. Acknowledge it all. Allow it to play out fully one last time and then give you permission to finally let it go.

 You can find stillness in the most turbulent water but it is your doing. Remember that no one has the power over you. Only you can decide how you choose to play out your life. How you choose to feel your life. How you choose to experience your life.

  Let yourself live free from a past that no longer is. Free from regret and feelings of blame. You are only as free as you allow yourself to be.

Fly my love fly, you deserve it and you can do it… I know you can!

   Much love



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