From Competition to Creation

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There is a huge misunderstanding in our world which I would like to put right in this post...

An erroneous belief that is systemic in our societies and affects nearly everyone on our planet to some degree... 

This is the belief that there are only finite resources of the things we want in our lives such as material wealth, and that there is not enough time and freedom with which to enjoy them. It's as if life has finished its job of creating and what's left is what we have to divvy up between ourselves and 'get what we can while we can get it'.

The result of this global pandemic of erroneous thought gives rise to the world of competition. The idea that there's only so many pieces of the pie and that we all that we must struggle and fight for our share, causing stress and a breakdown between people and communities everywhere...

The root of this is twofold...

Firstly we have, for the most part, lost almost all awareness of the essential creative essence of the universe, which exists all around us and is the stuff that giant stars and solar systems are being born from right now - even now as you read this.

From Competition to Creation

Secondly, we have become largely disconnected from our own conscious ability to access and effect this creative essence and use it to bring things into form for ourselves.

Now I'm not talking about magic here in the sense that we just need to think about stuff and it appears right before our eyes! Although that would be cool... I'm talking about the power we have to create, and the inexhaustible supply of essence from which we can create from, by means of conscious, directed thought and action - which in turn produces the actual, tangible results in our lives...

If you look around the room you are in now you can take note that every single man-made thing that you see started off as an idea in someone's mind, it simply had to for it to eventually be brought into form! 

A couple of paragraphs up I said that "we have become largely disconnected from our own conscious ability to access and effect this creative essence and use it to bring things into form for ourselves" and I use the word conscious very 'consciously' here! For we are always using our ability to create as there is no way we can't because this is simply a universal law... The caveat is that we do so unconsciously.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

This quote from Carl Jung basically sums up what goes on in the lives of nearly everybody on the planet and explains why SO MANY people who try so hard to change their lives keep hitting brick walls and give up on their dreams... I know this because I was one of them! 

From Competition to Creation

There is another way...

Our subconscious mind is so powerful and actually runs our lives - its where all our beliefs are stored like software programmes constantly running in the background. If we consciously make a choice to change an area of our lives, say for example that we want to get fit - but we have programmes written into our subconscious that are not in line with this new goal, then without an understanding of whats happening and the knowledge of how to re-write a new programme we are simply trying to row a very small boat up a very powerful river...

Now without going off topic too much and delving into the world of the subconscious, it will suffice to say that it's extremely powerful, it's yours, and you need to get in touch with it! There are numerous books out there about accessing and reprogramming our subconscious mind and many techniques available such as hypnosis, NLP and transposition cybernetics - to name just a few.

From Competition to Creation

Anyway back to creating - once we get hold of this power within us and remember that we are not defined by what is already out there and what we may or may not be lucky enough to have just show up in our lives, the competition ends and fun really begins! 

As children we were all connected to our innate creativity, we would daydream and imagine things we really wanted and allow ourselves to enjoy entering into a world of make believe - why do you think so many kids TV programmes are based around fictional characters and fantastical worlds...?

But as we grew we were told to 'be realistic' and 'not to get our hopes up'. Little by little this drowned out our imagination and made us accept limitation and conformity...

The thing is that this capacity to imagine and 'make believe' is still there! It's part of who we are and we only need to recognise and get back in touch with it. Just for a moment now, simply allow yourself to dream of having all the wonderful things you really want in your life - visualize yourself in the dream house, driving the dream car and living the life you have always wanted within your heart!

From Competition to Creation

Let me tell you this - every true desire of your heart is the urge of the essence of the pure life within you calling out for creation! Life wants us to be happy, to enjoy great health and experience prosperity and success in every area. How much more would you serve yourself and others if you were living the life of your dreams? If you were genuinely happy, healthy and wealthy and were living your life's purpose just imagine how much more you'd be able to contribute to your family, your society, the world and life itself! 

Life is growth, evolution and abundance, not stagnation, decay and scarcity - these are just unnatural ideas that we've had imposed on us and deep down we know this!

You have your very own connection to the infinitely creative and the tools with which to create from it... What will you do?

It's time now for us to step up to the plate and claim the life we really want - to stop pretending that we are not in control and to throw off the chains off limitation.

From Competition to Creation

Set aside all thoughts of competition and that you need to get what you can and accept your lot in life. The truth is that you have access to an infinite amount of wealth, happiness, LOVE, prosperity and all the good things your heart truly wants and that by gaining these things you will actually add to the true desire and expression of all life. 

I was lost in the world of competition for many years and it drained me - it wasn't until I came across the principles I have talked about in this post and started putting them into practice that my life really started to open up! I then came across an online community that offered me genuine support and a true sense of integrity - they taught me a new way to think and I began to learn a new way to be...

Learning to find your true voice online is a hugely liberating experience - you can open up to the world and impact the lives of so many, perhaps even changing somebody's life by giving them hope and inspiration at a difficult time... 

Create the life and business you LOVE!

From Competition to Creation

Dan Gifford

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