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When you look back on your life I am sure, like me you can pinpoint an event, meeting a certain person or an experience that had a great effect on you, a deep meaningful effect that forced you to take action ? For me personally this has happened several times to date.

Hi everyone its Roger again and today I would like to spend a little time talking about those events in your life that make you STOP, RE-THINK and RE-EVALUATE the path you are on. How the choices we make can get you to a place where you are not happy, unfulfilled, frustrated, annoyed that no matter what you do, nothing seems to get any better ? When you are living in this state all of those things gain momentum until eventually something has to GIVE !

A seemingly small event can trigger a shift in your thinking . The dam bursts, as you knew it had to and you are forced to take action, alter course, try something different, try harder, concentrate on the important things in your life, think about WHAT is important in your life, why you do what you do, is it getting you to where you want to be ? The catalyst for this 'epiphany' will be different for all of us but for me when it has happened, I have been more frustrated with myself for letting things get to 'that place'.

I believe strongly in 'Self Talk' and after giving myself a good talking to I emmerge with clearer focus,more enthusiasm and more energy. I can normally double my efforts without everything feeling like a chore, the body has not changed just the mindset. This 'new found' progress encourages you to keep going and momentum builds fairly quickly. You notice things changing for the better, 'stuff' is still coming at you but your outlook and attitude towards problems is now different. In fact things that used to cause frustration or even anger in the past no longer seem important. Whether circumstances,lethargy or 'bad luck' got you to that place is irrelevent, what is important is that there is realisation that a CHANGE, to progress your life is necessary and probably overdue.

Any change is going to be difficult to implement but being complacent or lazy just doesn't seem to be an option now. Knowing that only we can do this for ourselves, that only we are responsible for our own efforts and results is satisfaction and reward enough in pursuit of being the best person you can be.

Personal Development does not equal 'selfishness' but rather should act as inspirattion to others. Sometimes we need to see these qualities in others in order to gain the confidence to emmulate and practice similar habits to achieve better results in our own lives. Maybe you are not at 'that place' yet or not ready for change, maybe things need to get worse before they get better, but if you are not living your ideal life, or taking steps towards achieving it, ther's only one person stopping that from happening, and that's YOURSELF !

So maybe an evaluation is needed? We all owe it to ourselves to make the most of this life we have. Successful people are not without problems, they have just learnt how to deal with them and keep progressing. If THEY can do that, we can all learn how to do the same. By applying this behaviour to our own lives and sharing our experiences with others we can have a positive effect on all the lives we touch.

We can look beyond our present reality, believe there is an amazing life out there for ALL of us, go for it with 'new found' enthusiasm and never stop working until we are all living our ideal life

A Bientot !


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