Green (Organic) Living in the Home

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Home, sweet home. The safe haven we all retire to at the end of the day to cleanse away our weariness and worries. A place to excite and entice the senses. A place of healing and rejuvenation. A place that can be, with a few simple tweaks, made into a mini-replica of the natural world that offers us all of that and more.


Bring in the sounds of nature:


Turn on the dial on sounds of whirry machinery and the buzzing of electronics. Incorporate natural sounds like those of gentle flow of water, the chirping of birds and the gushing of winds or the pattering of rain can be soothing to the soul, mind and body alike. Open your windows to bring in these sounds which entice the hearing, or simply play them from a playback device to soothe and calm your inner being.


Bring in the smells of nature:


Try your best to phase out heavily and artificially perfumed products such as the ones used in cleaning and personal hygiene. Opt for more natural options by keeping perfumed plants such as roses and using rose water or musk to lightly perfume your skin and hair. Investing in essential oils is another great option; they are very versatile in their uses and smell wonderful. Not only are these smells more natural and appeal to our instincts, they are also healthier as they are free of harsh chemicals.


Bring in the feel of nature:


Avoid using synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon when furnishing or decorating your home. Instead, opt for natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, and linen. Use these fabrics for bedding, for the towels you use or to decorate your couch or sofa with cozy and inviting pillows and throws. The same goes for flooring, sinks, and bathtubs. Synthetic surfaces like laminate lack the warmth and sensuality which natural surfaces provide. Whenever feasible, choose natural materials such as wood, stone or marble which are organic in appearance and texture.


Bring in the sites of nature:


The easiest, most forward way to achieve this is to grow and care for household plants. The color green is that of life’s energy force and that of renewal. Seeing and living in the green allow us to harmonize better with ourselves as well as with the order of the natural world. Plants also purify and circulate air, humidify dry air, and produce precious the oxygen we breathe. Choose easy-to-care-for plants if you are a beginner. These include Aloe Vera, cacti and bromeliads, all of which I keep in my home. You can also opt-in for more complex plants such as orchids if possess more expertise on keeping and caring for plants.


The best way to heal and rejuvenate after a long day is to retire to a home full of natural elements. Bring in these elements through incorporating nature’s sounds, smells, feels and sites of nature inside your home. Heal through the power of nature, feel the prosperity in green, organic living, live abundantly with and within the natural world.


If you are interested in learning more about how I became inspired and chased my most-inner desire to Live in the Green, please here to meet my mentors.


Much love, appreciation and gratitude.

Sabrine Living in the Green

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