Habit Stacking

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As part of an ongoing journalling/accountability exercise I thought it best to structure my blog around some of the habits I am incorporating into my daily schedule, to keep me focussed and on track with my learn, do and teach principals. As mentioned in a previous blog, this is an area I am really challenged in, and what I am learning is rather than beat myself up for not having a solution, the best approach is to admit it, and acknowledge that I am working on a solution in a specific area. One area I've managed to be a lot more accountable in for myself, has been getting into the gym for 30 minutes every day. This has been a huge payoff for me.undefined I've felt more energised, sleep better, and my self esteem has improved to the extent that my personal self confidence has improved tremendously. I've also chosen to eat healthier as a result.

Here's a short clip taken on Friday of Abigail and myself doing pullups inside her playground at Generations School -

Guy Ferdman from Satori Prime was right when he said you get one area right, and there is a knock on affect to every other area of your life. I highly recommend listening to their podcasts as part of your daily regimen. https://satoriprime.com/podcast/

So to keep with my core focus here, of integrating habits into my daily lifestyle, I've set up a weekly design system to sequence a few routines that should make it easy to get into a habit. I use the word "should" because in reality for me its not that easy. undefinedWhat I am learning with myself around this new lifestyle is to be patient and persistant, and to move toward rewarding myself for things achieved. To this end I've put together a few tools to aid progress (Exel worksheet with tabs, powerpoint) which I will share with you anyone who comments and connects with me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/paul.sartorius

The simple idea here is to formulate a few supportive habits that I can share with others who want to be on the same journey toward progress in different areas in their life. Progress is subjective, but does require a few supportive measures. To this I've considered the fact that we need a few people in our lives (mentors and mentees) - that will help us to be accountable for things we say we will do. As such I would like to move toward setting this up for myself with a few persons that will be on this journey to success with me.undefined

I've always been keenly focussed on people, process and technology - and how to innovate within these three dynamics to create sustainable breakthroughs for individuals and business alike. You are welcome to connect with me on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulsartoriussouthafrica/

Looking forward to meeting you on my blogging journey.


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