Helping Others to Help Yourself......

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If you search “Self Help” books at Barnes and Noble you can pick from 3002 ways to make yourself better, yet search “Help Others” you have 359 options.  In a world where everyone is looking for ways to help manage depression, anxiety, insecurity, and/or low self-esteem we need not look inward. 

Start by taking a few minutes every day to reflect.  Be it reflecting on what your heart desires in order for the mind and subconscious to connect.  To reflecting on accomplishments and all the things that we have to be grateful for.   Thoughts directed at creating positive momentum ripples to influence the world.  Challenge yourself to be a rock and the world is your water.  How are you changing your environment?  Are you observing from the bank letting the water impact you as others change your reality or are you creating waves?

Shield yourself from negative thoughts of self and others.  Find a way to change a life.  Write your own life book on how to help others.  The beauty is that there is NO wrong way to have a positive impact in your circle of influence.  You will be surprised how fast your circle will grow, how when doing for others you are actually doing for you.  In the end, all the negativity that scares and immobilizes our civilization could be washed away. 

Book bags to food drives, donations of money to time, using words that support; we can all find a way to create a better world today.  There are truly no small acts of KINDNESS.  Like the energy that moves through the water creating ripples that flow from one water molecule to the next, a single act of kindness will flow impacting others long after we are gone. 





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