Holiday Shopping & Your Health and Wellness

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There are various holidays throughout the world that bring attention to people everywhere. Some of the holidays which draw lots of attention take place during the winter. It is a good time for the Scrooges to to take advantage of those they consider weaklings. There are people who pray on those whom they consider weaklings. What is a weakling? You many be asking. Lets think about this. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a weakling? What is the first image you think obout? If you are a Bully, you may be thinking about the child who wears his glasses on the end of his nose, or the baby gazelle that ends up in the mouth of a lion. Perhaps the little "old" lady walking across the street to the neighbothood store. Maybe you think about the "nerd" in your science or math class when you were younger. 

To some, the holiday season has become more of a season to worry about protecting your newly acquired gifts and protecting the children, the elderly, and anyone who may not be aware of the people who are preying on unsuspecting victims. This brings about anxiety and a whirlwind of other types of stress which ultimately affect the health of the body and the wellness of the mind. Children come up missing, cars are broken into, people being robbed at gunpoint. These things and many more affect your health and it goes even beyond your health. It affects the health of everyone around you, 

How then do you protect yourself? I'm not asking how you protect yourself against the crime or from being a potential victim. I'm asking you how do you protect yourself from being or giving the appearance of being a weakling? Even the strongest, and most prideful of people can appear as a weakling and thus become a target for a mental breakdown or a become emotionally trapped for years to come if appropriate measures are not taken in an attempt to prevent this from happening.

Here are a few things you can do and the gift of Health & Wellness that may be able to be acheived as a result:

1. Don't leave your purse, computer, bookbag, or anything of this nature in plain view on the seats of your vehicle. 

* You may feel like the item you are leaving in plain view has no value and you may know that there is nothing inside but the would be their doesn't know what you know and is willing to break your window or windsheild that will cost you potentially several hundred dollars to repair. They may also get and/or copy your vehicle registration and therefore know where you live in case they want to come to your home and continue their search for your valuables. 

     - as a result, you will also experience mental anxiety, stress, emotional distress, time lost due           to having to deal with the window/windshield issue, and a heightened sense of fear                 knowing that your personal property has been violated and that the criminal has your home         information.

2. Don't carry your purse, bag, or computer bag/case on your arm where it can be easily snatched from you. Too many people walk around with their complete life in their hands, on their shoulders, or on their backs and do not give consideraton to the fact that there are those who spend their entire holiday season watching and waiting for just the right "weakling" to come into their line of sight and then they pounce without warning. A good example of this is people talking on their cell phones.


* You may feel like it is convenient to carry your items any way you feel like carrying them expecially when shopping and carrying lots of things to your vehicle because it is easier this way. Just be aware of how you are carrying them because it is a complete nightmare to have these things snatched from you. Most of us carry very personal and sensitive infomation in our purses, bookbags, and computers. 

     - as a result of these things being snatched from you, there will be much mental stress as you         think about the credit cards, gas cards, reward cards, checkbooks, ID's, children's                   information, phone numbers. There will also be the added anxiety of never knowing if the           snatcher will come to your home some day and harm you or your children.   

The holidays seasons are not the only times that these things occur. Crime is on the rise in many places throughout the world and many Police Departments and their Officers are doing everything they can to protect us and keep us safe but they can only do so much without our help. The two previously mentioned "Don't leave..." and "Don't carry..." are tips for you to consider so that you can have a healthy sense of Wellness throughout the season. 

The holiday season is meant to be a joyful, wonderful, and loving time of the year. I don't want any Grinches taking advantage of you. You are not a weakling, and every day when you walk out of your door let the world know that you a having a great season and the would be Health & Wellness Destoyer can take his stalking eyes an hands somewhere else because you are not to be messed with. Have a wonderful, healthy Holiday Season!

And...... Don't forget to drink your delicious, refreshing, filtered water.

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