How an Active Mind Keeps You Healthy

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Many years ago, I worked as a meals-on-wheels delivery a an active mind keeps you healthy I truly loved that job. I delivered meals to the elderly and vulnerable. To some of the service users I was truly a lifeline for them, I was sometimes the only person they would see from one day to the next.

I loved chatting to the service users about their lives, they all had so many stories to tellhow a an active mind keeps you healthy and they enjoyed being able to tell someone.

If ever I couldn't get hold of them, I reported it to the authorities so that they could be checked out to see if they were ok. On the rare occasions, it was because of something needed medical attention, how a an active mind keeps you healthybut on the whole, I found that some service users were off to tea dances, going to their clubs, meeting friends and they had forgot to let our service know. These people were the ones who had tales to tell about their activities and how much fun they were a an active mind keeps you healthy

These people were the ones that lived long healthy lives. Unfortunately, the ones that I saw every day and they were just sitting in the same chair every day and probably hadn't done anything since I saw them the day before, these were the people with ill healthhow a an active mind keeps you healthy and, sadly, they passed away at younger ages.

I always knew from that job of the correlation between keeping physically and mentally active and the quality along with length of life.

Circle of life

I am lucky enough to have a very special circle of friends. There are twelve of us that all met through a slimming group, a good while back. We've kept in touch and meet up for lunch how a an active mind keeps you healthy two to three times a month. There are only two girls younger than me, the rest of our group are ladies of a certain age and one is even eighty four years young!

This group of ladies are such an inspiration. They show me that you can and should enjoy your life no matter your age.

Two years ago this group of ladies provided me with a hen party that I will remember for the rest of my life. The ladies that lunch hired a barge for the day for us all. One of them was an accomplished barge driver. They chose a sailor theme and so we all dressed up as sailorshow a an active mind keeps you healthy - it was so funny. They brought along a sound system that blasted out wedding songs such as "Going To The Chapel- The Dixie Cups" We were dancing and singing, I loved it, yes there were some tears, I was feeling very very lucky to have such fabulous friends.

There were four of them that worked the locks when we went through them. They put me to shame with me sitting back while they did all the hard a an active mind keeps you healthy

Two of the ladies have reached eigthy this year, so yes we have had special lunches for them, but one of the ladies had a party put on for her by her daughter as a surprise.

Dancing Queen

It was a wonderful evening, and the birthday girl never stopped dancing from the moment it started till the DJ stopped.She even did a Shirley Bassey routine to "Hey Big Spender" being provocative to a young man. It was a delight to watch. She is certainly a a an active mind keeps you healthy

The eighty-four year old lady, goes to dance classes twice a week and goes on dance cruises every couple of months.

They have shown me to enjoy my life. I want that to be me when I'm eighty plus. Age is just a number, but an active interesting life will keep illness at bay, surely it's the way to be.

Studies have shown that there are ways you can reduce the risk of dementia and illness. Talking and communicating are one of the ways. Make an effort to keep in touch with people that are important to you, such as family and friends. This will keep your mind active which will keep you healthy.

Stay happy, stay young. how a an active mind keeps you healthy

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how a an active mind keeps you healthy

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