How to Do What You Love to do at Any Age

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Do what you love to do starting today! 

To do what you love to do, I assume everybody would like to do in life. However, the reality is somewhat different. Your objections probably pop up faster than you read the title of this article.

Humans have the incredible creativity to make excuses faster than everything else. Nothing wrong with that. We are all humans, right? The fantasy to erase the excuses does not follow at the same speed. Therefore, the arguments to not do things tend to win the “battle.”

Think about it for a while. How many times haven’t you been brainstorming with yourself, a friend, or a colleague, and it all stops there. It could be for any reason, but the truth is that most ideas you get during your lifetime will never be concluded in something concrete.

Freedom to do what you love to do uses to stop at the point when you realize that you have no money or time to do it. You accept the argument and continue life as usual.

Age is one of the most common reasons people refrain from doing what they dream about. Age is indeed something you can’t avoid. We all get older. That’s it, period…or?

This is the first time since I started my blog seven years ago when I will expose myself by using my life journey as an example. It’s nothing to brag about, but I believe it could serve as an example to show how you can decide your destiny without having an excessive amount of money or the age to your advantage...Continue reading!>>

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