How to Get Productive Again

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Life Hits us with Curve Balls more often than not...and they either make us swing valiantly to knock them out of the park or we strikeout.

If it is a strikeout, we tend to feel deflated, as well as feeling drained mentally and physically.

You may even feel that your confidence dissipates too. Especially if your mojo (motivation) is gone with the wind, while your frustration and depression consume you.

Before you know it, nothing is getting done and your plans and goals seem to move further out of your reach.  

We all tend to struggle with to-do lists and if neglected, they just simply begin to accumulate. The more on your list,  the more overwhelming it can be. This can cause you to avoid them as much as possible too.

Life has its Ups and Downs

“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” – Timber Hawkeye

One moment we're feeling on top of the world, juggling multiple tasks at a time, and feeling pretty darn happy when they come to fruition!  We are in a happy state of mind, having a great rapport with our business associates, sales are climbing, and you even have "me-time". This offers you the opportunity to put your feet up, read a book, watch a great movie, and time to socialize with family and friends.

However, other times, things may seem quite the opposite. Deflating even. The list of tasks is becoming too much to handle, the pressure is on to complete them quickly, there never seems to be a time in the day. Your feeling frustrated, angry, resentful, afraid, and self-conscious behavior patterns that begin to surface and fester.

It is so easy to get sucked into a whirlpool of emotions when you are feeling overwhelmed and Deflated.

It is easy to give up when the going gets tough too.

Shift from Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts

"This, too, shall pass."

Your situation is only temporary and you are in more control than you think. You will be on Cloud9 again (pardon the pun) and be riding your way to a happy more fulfilled life. You just need to believe.

To be frank, nothing is forever. We all go through ups and downs regardless of what you may see from people you know or the celebrities you see on TV that may show differently. Don't worry so much if the grass is greener on the other side, tend to your own garden. We all go through negative things that make us feel like crap. The results, however, are in our control.

We have a choice, we always have a choice. Do you want to punch a hole in the wall, treat a loved one terribly, scream at a driver that just cut you off, vent to co-workers, or storm out of work slamming the door when you are frustrated and angry? Sure, it may feel good in the moment, but when negative behavior happens it draws more negative circumstances.

To maintain peace and harmony when the going gets tough, you need to make better choices on how to react. You can’t always control the circumstances, but you can control how you react to them. Negative circumstances thrive on negative behavior. When there is no negative behavior, then negative circumstances dissipate. You are in control, more than you may realize.

When you think you have hit the rock bottom part of your life, the only way is up!

Get back to feeling good about yourself, because you can’t please everyone.

If you feel low, unmotivated, depressed, then please seek help.

You can start by making an appointment to see your doctor. If you feel you just need a spark of inspiration in order for you to get motivated again, then you have some soul searching to do first before dealing with business tasks.

Begin first by taking some “me-time” in a quiet place. Make a list for you, personally. What are you unhappy with, overwhelmed with, want more out of life, why is your soul restless?

Figure out solutions to your problems. What would make you happy? More help from family to get stuff done in the house, fewer hours at work, more money, more freedom, more “me-time”?

Look after yourself first. If you find yourself trying to please everybody, you need to learn to give a firm “no” from time to time. You can’t do everything. Are they bending over backward for you? What would you rather be doing? Be your own boss and take charge of your life.

Start small.

What items on your list are a top priority for you? What is most important?

Start with one or two items that could benefit you. Did you know that it takes 12 days to break a habit? So, if you have a habit on your list like eating or drinking too much, then focus on that for a solid 12 days.

Once you have battled that habit, replace it with exercise, reading books you’ve always wanted to, community service, learn something new and focus on that. Whatever your heart desires. Once you are in harmony with yourself and find you are going in a direction that is making you happier, then take a look at the to-do items that are at work or at home. Make list and prioritize them. What is more urgent or important to deal with that you have been avoiding.

How long will it take to get it done? If you feel it is reasonable and beneficial to finally complete it, then do so. If you would rather do something else on the list, then do that instead. Just do something and complete it. Then go to the next item. Some may take no time, while others might take days. Pick one at a time and complete it before going to the next.

Before you know it, you will feel accomplished and revitalized. You have looked after yourself first and now all the nagging to-do items have started to dissipate. Giving yourself some peace of mind, harmony with family and with work too.

Best Wishes from The Cloud. Deb Entrepreneur & Owner of Cloud9 Marketing On-Line

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