How to make every thought a Prayer: dealing with uncomfortable emotions.

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How to Make every thought a Healing Prayer:
Dealing with uncomfortable emotions & Confusing thoughts.

Everyone has human emotions & feelings. Meaning for the most part all humans identify with sadness, happyness, joy etc..However, due to the ego some need comfort to feel good about themselves when they attatch meaning to these feelings. Especially if an issue feels threatening to the ego. Some don’t understand that issues arise to help us grow…and pushed aside when we try to self sooth. When we just observe we can see huge personal growth. The real word or term should be awaken. Awaken to God and His amazing Love! The Love and truth that Jesus healed from.

The human condition holds us or distracts us from this truth. And we tend to attachment meaning or judgement to these feelings. Rather then just observe and let the feelings pass. Imagine if in any situation nobody is wrong. Nobody is less then. Nobody is higher then either. We are all one. Error tries to separate and make wrong. Error seems so real….we really think we are different! But this is a false illusion.

The absolute is challenging in this human condition to understand. So it feels as if you're lying to hold on to the truth. Try it.

I am Love”
“I am Gods Love”
“I am(you are) whole pure & perfect!”
“I was, am, and always will be taken care of”
(“There is no lack..,”)
How did that feel? In these statements you are holding to the absolute truth. Forgiveness, is vital & your radiance shines when this happens. In this state, spiritual beings can have no material issues, that can't heal.

So try to say this everyday. Try to have every thought a prayer. Speak your truth & know it’s for the good of all. Be Kind. Follow your intuition. Listen. And know you are loved… It’s an inner knowing! Watch your world change. Be open and aware to this awakening. Staying centered and clearing your thoughts will help shift your conscouisness. 


Jennifer Rice
Theta Healer
CS Practioner

Live, Love, Laugh, Serve