How to restore hearing loss. Naturally.

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How it all started and how I restored my hearing loss naturally and reversed severe Tinnitus as well.

I have been a music producer, sound engineer and musician artist all my life. I love music, and I could not even imagine being without music in my life ever. Period.

However, that was exactly what was waiting for me when I had my hearing loss accompanied by a high pitched tone following me everywhere I went. There was no escape; this tone was always welcoming me with it’s piercing presence.

To me, it felt like being tortured day and night without any advertisement breaks.

But now let’s go back where it started.

undefinedAt that time, my life was derailed: I was in a toxic relationship and financially close to bankruptcy. I was working in my music studio 24/7 for other people’s success: I was always behind the scenes, being the ghost producer for a lot of artists, many famous once included. I have produced remixes and original productions for these people, thinking that my management would take care of contracts and my fees. I certainly was in for a treat as I have always been dependent on other people’s action or approval. If you don’t realise that it can be different and you don’t know about any other opportunities, you’re utterly hopeless - what a wake-up call for me.

How I got in touch with "the sharks" myself.

The penultimate came when I did a remix for a massive pop star in Germany, and I had to call the record company myself and kindly asked them for the payment of my work. I was horrified, and I froze when they harshly replied to me: “We won’t pay you, come and take us to court!” I quickly understood that I would not get any help from my management at that time so I was completely left alone and my costs were piling up more and more. I had no idea how to pay all these fees anymore.

My breakdown was initiating the shift.

The result of this was a massive collapse and with that came my hearing loss and tinnitus. So now I even had no chance going back to my studio - it was just impossible. Honestly, I was thinking of just jumping out of the window and quit; not only music but my whole existence. I didn’t even want to live anymore, simply disappear and leave everything behind. I was close to taking action on that plan, but something was holding me back - something higher than myself.

Consulting the doctor

The next day I went to the first doctor that came to my mind to ask for help. After waiting nearly two hours, he left me hanging by saying: “I’m sorry Frank, you have to live with that, we can’t do anything. Shit happens!” What a slap in my face again! Within the next few days, I went to four more specialists and all of them told me what I had heard initially. One of these guys even wanted to cut a hole in my ear drum, so I ran out.

A firm decision stepping into my healing power through meditation

Then I made a firm decision by telling me that none of these people will decide over my life and I will find a way to activate my own healing power to cure myself. That decision felt right, and my intuition has never let me down before (I only wished I listened to it earlier).

From my childhood, I also knew that I have an unbeatable strong will to achieve what I put in my mind. It’s on!

Everyone has incredible healing energy within your body; there is no exception. I started to unleash mine by meditating and juicing greens three times a day.

undefinedIn my meditation, I focussed on my breathing for hours to tune into my body more and more. This took me out of my anxiety and into my safe zone. My visualisation took me to altered states of being within my body. These ranged from being at the wonderful beach called Cala Conte Ibiza to a beautiful place in the Alps I have explored in my childhood. The first week I did this for several hours every day. Imagine sitting in the position of the lotus seat and breathing in and out deeply into your stomach in stillness. I didn’t notice any improvement of my hearing loss and my tinnitus, but at night I was able to blend out the tinnitus and move the tone away from my focus. Therefore I was able to sleep again. What a relief!

I was determined to make this work, and I constantly visualised having my left ear healed, being back in my studio creating new music. I connected this image to all my senses, and it felt very real. I knew I can make this a reality and have my life back.

Actively access your healing energy

undefinedAfter the first two weeks passed by I decided to take my meditation to the next step and visualised a ball of white healing light. I created that light myself in my solar plexus. At first, it wasn’t easy as I lost sight of this light but then it began to shine brighter and brighter. I even felt my body warming up. I slowly and carefully directed this ball of healing light towards my left ear and started focussing the energy here. My left ear became hot and tingly. I continuously did this several hours per day for the next three weeks, keeping my diet healthy with fresh greens, beets and around four liters of filtered water and green tea.

I never subscribed to the possibility that I could fail, something goes wrong or even taking any drugs by prescription.

My ear started to heal

To make a long story short, after five to six weeks where I initially began, I noticed one morning that I felt different. I sensed that I was regaining my hearing and my tinnitus was less noticeable. I got up and ran into the studio to test it, set up my own test to measure the frequencies and tested my hearing, saved the outcome of the day and continued with my meditation. I felt like I was on a mission and this gave me all the drive I needed. Now that my body and my intuition was giving me the message that my conditions are improving, I was even more focussed - if that’s possible. I felt inner happiness, feeling my imaginary visualisation of me being back in my music studio getting closer.

Filled with gratitude and self-love

Two weeks later I had dramatically improved my hearing loss and had to concentrate to listen to my tinnitus. I am beyond grateful every day that I was able to heal myself and reverse my severe hearing loss and tinnitus without any pills - only using natural healing energy within your body.

My unshakable belief, my self-love, profound gratitude and my healing power have helped me to step back into life. I am now able to create beautiful pieces of music again, living life to the fullest potential. Additionally after that lesson I have also changed my financial situation and I am now longer dependent on other people’s approval. 

I would love to invite you to trust your inner healing power. I genuinely believe we are limitless and we can achieve everything we think of - and most importantly our beliefs. If I can do that, you can do that as well. Trust, your intuition, love and gratitude will guide you the way to step into your true power: your true self.

Please share your experiences in the comments. What have you healed yourself from - and how? We would love to hear your stories. Thank you for being in our space today. 

Spread the Love.

Frank and Jill


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