How To Speak With Love, Compassion and Kindness

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·       Darling I’m here for you and I love you

·       Darling I know you are there, and I am so happy you are truly there

·       Darling I know you suffer and that is why I’m here for you

If you suffer because of your loved one:

·       Darling I suffer. I’m trying my best to practice to let go, please help me


   Oprah Winfrey and Thich Nhat Hanh


The best way to be in life in every relationship is completely honest and compassionate, with no anger or resentment, truth can be told no matter how painful to tell with love and kindness. You will be surprised of the reaction you receive if you with hold argument.

- “For every action theres an equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s third Law of Motion

- To be loved is to be recognised as existing!


Love is a powerful word and sense of being. To love all around you and appreciate all you have instead of focusing all what you don’t have will benefit you and your families life greatly, you will learn and discover truth about you and opportunities will come and find you. The love you give to others will last a lifetime, that’s all we need.

For Your Child

Is Your Child having:

Tantrums all the time?

Misbehaving at home/ in school?

Grades are slipping

This happens all the time with teenagers. Now imagine if your child had a grown up in their lives, a parent, teacher or counsellor. Who then consistently taught them simple mindfulness practices daily? Your child will gradually start to become aware and notice when they are feeling anger building up inside them, they can then stop themselves from feeling like this, and prevent any angry reaction. They will know this trigger emotion and be able to understand practices that they will use to calm then down. This is them becoming completely self-aware and you as a parent will notice a huge difference in your child, as they will be in better moods and have more focus and conscious awareness of what’s around them, and of their inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. They will know practices of kindness to show other people, they will be able to stop all the bad points and do good in the world.  


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