Holistic approach to arthritic pain

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Pain is not something we love to experience, It stops us from enjoying the simple things in life, let alone going on about our daily lives. The last few weeks have been challenging for my father as he was recently diagnosed as having arthritis causing troublesome pain and discomfort. Arthritis is a condition that affects joints causing stiffness, swelling decreasing the use of limbs, there are two types of this condition - rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is auto immune, meaning, your immune system is attacking the cells lining your joints.
Osteoarthritis usually prevalent in over 50's can be due to severely damaged joints or damaged by a previous existing conditions
To relieve the pain he was prescribed codeine, which is beneficial in suppressing pain and reducing discomfort however it has it's limitations.

it could lead to mental and or physical dependence
pain killers are known to cause constipation
In conclusion, long term use of codeine is not advisable therefore we should explore other options that we can utilize so the condition can become manageable. I suggested trying a holistic approach, my dad is not really one who has used oils or understands the benefits but he was willing to try anything to relieve the pain. I concocted a portion which he has been using for the last week. I needed to make an oil that will promote pain relief, relaxation and a sense of calm.

I made the massage oil using the following oils for their benefits, I used a 30ml dropper bottle mixed the lavender and bergamot in the sweet almond oil. Inverted gently and hey presto! It has such an amazing fragrance too. Ensure you use amber colored bottle as it will keep the oil fresh for longer and will protect the contents from UV light.

Sweet almond oil (carrier oil I will use to add my essential oils) for its beautiful absorption and high levels of vitamin E, it is also great for relieving muscle ache and pain.
Lavender oil is widely known for its use in relieving tension and muscle pain, the fragrance is so relaxing that my dad noticed he has been sleeping better when massaged at night. (I used 6 drops)
With it's citrus sweet smell Bergamot oil is a perfect oil to combine with lavender. Bergamot has anti inflammatory and analgesic properties making it a perfect component for this massage oil. (I used 6 drops).
It's only been a week but my mum has been massaging this oil on my dad's arthritic joints and she seems to think it is aiding in the pain management. My dad is never one to try out things he is not aware of, so for him to persist with this for a week can only  mean he is noticing the benefits too, plus he gets to have a free massage from my mum, its  a win win!!!

What other methods have you used to relieve the aches and pains you have experienced?

Until next time.................................

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