My Thoughts After Stroke

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Suddenly I Was There – Between Life And Death…

It was a usual Monday. I was quiet and still. Working, but not being present. I couldn't let go of the feeling that something big is going to happen.

I needed a walk, fresh air and fresh thoughts. There were no other people outside, I tried to breath in the spring and get back my energy. But the day was too gray and so was my spirit.

Finally back in security of my sofa when the stroke hit me. I didn't know what it was, but I knew that I was between two worlds during that hour. Which world has place for me? Total peace...

They saved me, took care of me, fixed me up for now. I got to keep my little place in this physical world, grateful and euphoric as never before. But also different, nothing was like before, my role in this world had changed.

Message from between the worlds was very clear — I'm wasting my life, I'm not living my purpose. Even if I returned to this world, I was not going to return to my old life. I had no choice this time.

Now I'm back, two weeks have passed. I'm sipping hot coffee and trying to understand where to start. I have already taken first steps by consciously confirming my decision to change my life and fulfill my true potential. But the brain is still working in slow motion and I'm trying not to stress my decisions. 

One thing is very clear, I'm not going to ignore all the signs that universe has sent me. I'm grateful for guidance and for one more chance to start again. There is a meaning why I'm still here and I will do everything in my power to make this world a better place.

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