I gave myself a Gratitude Challenge and it was awesome

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My Mum is a very wise lady and a big believer in practicing gratitude and the more books I read on mindset the more it seems to pop up as an essential part of improving your mental game. So I set myself a challenge:



·         Every day for 1 month (February- starting 27 Jan because Feb is short month)

·         Write down 3 things I’m grateful for on that day

·         Not allowed to write the same thing twice


Initial thoughts/expectations-

·         If I rely on my memory I’m going to forget to do it - set a phone reminder

·         Get prepared- need a pen and cheap notebook

·         Am I going to be able to find 3 things EVERY day?

·         Hoping to – improve my psychology and motivation


What happened- challenges/changes

·         Poor start- forgot to take a pen from work back to my camp room (I’m currently working at a mine site), made a mental note of 3 things to write for today when I do tomorrow’s list.

·         Started looking forward to it & soon didn’t need a phone reminder

·         Made me more aware of positive things around me and happening in my day- especially the little things

·         Helped reduce anxiety/stress after busy work day

·         Not allowing repetition of entries forced me to really think about what happened in my day and where the positive aspects were

·         Put me in a good mood before bed (this is when I wrote them down each day) and seemed to sleep better

·         Made me more positive in general- I was actively looking for reasons to be grateful for things/people



·         For something that takes up so little of my day (approximately 30 seconds of an evening) to have a noticeable impact on my attitude/mindset is quite significant.

·         This should be a part of my life everyday and I will continue to practice my gratitude journal daily

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