Invest in yourself: Leadership and Influence Nuggets

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This is not a blog per se; it's a bonus of some of the wisdom and inspirational nuggets to help launch you into your life of limitless possibilities:


  • The best way to overcome procrastination is the Nike way: Just Do It
  • If Donald J Trump cared to listen to everyone, he wouldn't have become a billionaire or President
  • Think differently, work SMARTER, love better.
  • Be the best version of you that you have ever seen and stay real.
  • Talent is nothing if you don't apply yourself (Angela Duckworth)
  • Influence is no influence until you influence others to become influential in their own spheres.
  • You should not try to become the next 'so and so'; You are already the first 'You and You'.
  • Celebrate uniqueness, not carboncopying.
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made; your soul knows this very well.
  • Never become too busy making a living that you forget to live a life.
  • Activity should never substitute ingenuity.
  • Stop chasing your shadow, trying to become who you already are. Just be
  • Don't just work for money; let it work for you instead.
  • Love people and use money, not the other way round
  • Success may build character while failure may reveal it.
  • Great people make others feel great.
  • The fallacy and paradox of life is that everyone seems to be doing well than you; that's a lie. Give yourself some credit and celebrate your own little victories.
  • Get tired of the ordinary and do the extraordinary.
  • Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can (Arthur Ashe)
  • It's better to pay for the services of a 'committed mentor' than to get a 'reluctant mentor' for free. Invest in yourself
  • That dream is still alive as long as you are still alive.
  • Dream even when you are awake and you live the dream.
  • Never allow your 'temporary setback' to speak louder than your 'permanent comeback'.
  • If you hear a voice from within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced (Vin Van Gogh)
  • Thankful people are successful people.
  • Refuse to live by other people's convictions and standards: Live by your own.
  • Opinions are the cheapest commodity.
  • Making a strategic retreat is not a sign of weakness; it's wisdom.
  • Reflect, ponder, review and re-launch.
  • Between you and your next level is either a book or a man. 
  • It's difficult to become a millionaire with a savings mindset than it is with an investor mindset. INVEST and INVENT.
  • Be the person you want to meet and spend time with.
  • You can either be bitter or better.
  • Decisions and questions are two ingredients which can shape destinies.
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