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Isn't it hard to come to the reality of hurt?   But what is it that hurts us the most?

People hurt us, yes.  But is it because they choose to hurt us, or because we allow them to hurt us.  

Or what about loss?  What about failure?  What about never having the life that one desires?

I believe that what hurts mankind the most is truth.

I look at my life and I find it easier to talk to people about what I am capable of, what I can do, what I have done that mankind deems as good.  I find it very easy to sing my praises.  But oh, how hard it is to talk about one’s decisions that are not deemed as good.  How hard it is to leave out my failings, my lacking and ones’ selfish desire.

As we sit in our bubbles of companionship, we see that the truth is very seldom exchanged.  We make excuses for one another, we expect them to make excuses for us.  We deceive ourselves.

The truth hurts.  Besides who wants to be known as a selfish?  Who wants to be labelled as a 'home wrecker' as the world sees it?  Who wants to be known as immature, out of control, an alcoholic, promiscuous, broke or in need of anger management?   Who in their right mind wants the world to know the truth about who we truly are deep within and in secret places.

The truth hurts.  But what hurts about the truth more than people knowing who we truly are is this, we are ashamed of who we truly are, but we are not ashamed enough to change.  

Is it not a war to break an old habit?  Is it not near impossible to never again think of the one that broke your heart?  Is it not challenging putting on a front?  Oh, how hard it is to be perfect and hide our truth from those near and dear.

The right thing is very hard to do.  The right thing at times can be seen as impossible.  

'I can't let anyone see me leaving here.'  'I can't tell them why I did not come to work.'  'I can't let them know I am broke.'  'It will ruin my reputation if they knew I am with child.'  'This baby will ruin my life.  Abortion is best for me.'  'Divorce will ruin my good name, especially if people know why.'

Every day we unconsciously make decisions to withhold the truth to keep our rep, to prove we are righteous, good, without impurity.

The truth hurts the most.  And yet through it all, we are still left with it whether we like it or not.

Every lie I lie, is to myself. No one else.  I lie to myself.  The right thing is very hard to do.  Because the people we are busy impressing ain't gonna like the truth.

John 8:32 'Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.'

This is a beautiful life, and nothing beautiful is perfect.  Let us remember that it is ok to make mistakes, embrace them, learn from them, warn others.  We are not alone.

This is a Life to Live and a Life to Love.

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