Life choices.

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It was spring 1987 when we packed our essential belongings, got our two young boys in the car and headed south to former Yugoslavia – for a holiday as we informed the world around us.

It was a one-way ticket to our new life, we have chosen outside of the communist country. The decision was made one year prior in total secret. This was stressful enough, not to mention that some suspicion did arise, so we were watched, controlled, our house checked few times. The trip itself was full of obstacles, challenges and few times dangerous, and we thought we are not going to make it. But we did. Tired, dirty, hungry, emotionally and mentally burned out, we made it to Austria.

We knew we couldn't go back; it would be jail sentence and our children would be taken from us to foster home. No other choice but to go forward.

After 2 and half year in Vancouver, Canada, we decided to move inland in the country - Kootenays – Nelson in British Columbia. The language was coming, and we saved some money from our jobs we had immediately upon arriving.  We were bit hesitant. After such hard times, we felt secure now and leaving for some small town with no guarantee, no one to relate to brought up old fears. Then an old, beautiful lady said to me: “If you could escape the communist country with two kids, going to entirely unknown environment under the threat of being caught or even killed, no money, no language - you can easily move to the town of your choice. Listen to your heart.”


And this was the thought, the idea I carried with me since. If I could do, what I did, I can do many other things. And Nelson in British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We welcomed our daughter there, who brought lots of new energy and sunshine to our lives. That was another choice we made. Such choices were always a jump into the unknown.  Looking back, I realize that the fear we experienced making these choices was probably due to a lack of faith. But learning, that commitment and going forward no matter what, brings about the necessary help from whoever and wherever you are. You will always find the way.

Starting a new venture in a digital world is another choice. I am inviting you to look at this opportunity. There is nothing to lose, only gain, if you persist.

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