Live your own truth

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Real freedom comes from awakening to our own, individual nature…

We live in society, we come together in families and community – yet we are each of us a separate person with our own thoughts, feelings, and desires…

We are all connected with the desire to be happy, to have and experience the things in our lives that bring us more pleasure and to remove those things that cause pain. However, we are all unique and these ‘experiences and things’ are different for all of us deep down.

Live your own truth

The truth is though that most of us have lost almost complete awareness of what it is that we actually want to do with our lives – we all know we want happiness but we are unsure as to how to get to it.

This has come about due to 2 reasons.

  •   As we grew up we were gradually taught not to pursue our dreams, but rather to pursue ‘the dream’ instead. This caused us to forget about our own unique aspirations and become fixated on what we should be going after rather than what we want to go after.
  •   Then with the ever-increasing celebrity culture and the ‘ideal life’ presented on TV etc. we took on the belief that in order to be happy we must try to replicate the actions and lifestyle of those who were giving the impression that they had achieved everything in life…

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that this isn’t working – so many people in the world are unhappy! And the reason they are unhappy is so startlingly obvious and simple.


Have you forgotten to live your own truth?

We all have a heart, we all have feelings, a mind of our own and a body. These are all miraculous gifts that have the capacity to bring us untold richness in life. Yet we make so many compromises that all of these treasures just become tools for somebody else’s agenda.

This gives rise to unhappiness and many other emotional and mental imbalances as all the energy, individuality and creativity that lives within cannot find a way to be expressed.

The light within us wants to shine! – But if it is constantly being pushed aside so that others needs can be met then it’s going to try to get our attention another way…

Live your own truth

Feelings of unhappiness, depression, fatigue and non-descript physical ailments are all signals from the life within you that you are not listening to it! And these signals will increase in volume until they get heard…

I know this because I lived like this for many years, I allowed myself to reach such deep states of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment that I literally did not want to go on at times!

Then a catalyst…

I had been in a new role with a corporate hospitality company for about 6 months when we had a tragedy at home and lost our beloved dog, Bobby. He was a Border Terrier and had only reached the age of 7 years when he died… I was totally heartbroken as I’d become so close to my little man and he really was like a son to me. The thing is it was just so sudden, my wife and I had expected for him to grow old and grey and gradually slow down, and we believed we would have had time to say goodbye and let him go gently. But one day he was there and the next he was gone… )-;

The morning after he’d been put to sleep by the vet I called my work to tell them I would need some time to get myself together and I’d be away for 2 days.

I was initially told that this was OK but that compassionate leave only covers humans and not pets so I would not be getting paid. But I didn’t really care about this at the time, to be honest. However later that same day I was informed that I HAD to come into work the next day otherwise my boss was going to “behave the same way towards me in the future…”

In other words, he was going to have to come in on his day off to cover me and this upset him so he was attempting to use manipulation tactics to make me come in… Needless to say, they didn’t work!

Now I want to be clear here – I don’t blame him for this. He is also just stuck in the same system that forces us to go against our true selves and become unhappy, producing robots! I’m sure that if he expressed his true self in this instance without the pressures of his own bosses (who are also caught in the trap) that he would have been very kind and supportive. But he was just another cog in the machine…

Live your own truth

The whole experience woke me up!

I realised that for most of my life I had been living for others. For my parents, for my teachers, for my boss and just about everyone else but me! Madness I tell you!

How would living like this EVER bring me happiness? There was just no way…

I started to become aware of the fact that I am an individual being whom although is part of the whole, still has his own unique connection to life and his own authentic way to experience and express his nature.

This was such a liberating understanding that completely turned around the way I wanted to live my life. I lost completely ALL interest in wanting to please other people, (in the superficial sense I mean) and I was no longer bothered by the things that were deemed ‘important’ and ‘necessary’ by the company I worked for (basically making and/or saving money for them in one way or another).

Needless to say that I didn’t go back to my job! I was totally unfit to be there anymore – my values were so different and I had not one ounce of interest in making sure my employer’s compliance and targets were met… Who gives a F**K? Seriously!

After this had happened, I’d discovered a new life path – and it is my hope for those of you who are still stuck in the trap, that you also wake up and taste the freedom that comes from honouring and embracing your true self!

Live your own truth

I now run my own online business and I’m happy, fulfilled and live my life in freedom!

Please don’t let fear and a lack of self-belief keep you from achieving your dreams…

Push through and your confidence WILL catch up… I promise!

I wish you all the very best and my hope for you is that you find a way to live the life you know deep down that you truly deserve!

If you’d like to know how I created a new life and business for myself click below!

Thank you Bobby…xxx

Create the life and business you love! Access your freedom now!

Live your own truth


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