1 Unique Similarity Between A Marathon Runner And A Successful Entrepreneur

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The difference between an ordinary entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur is as big as the difference between running a half-marathon and a complete marathon.

As an entrepreneur, you will never completely understand how to be a successful entrepreneur until you reach your final goal, and start having success with your business.

The same goes for runners. You can run 5k, 10k and half-marathons for years, but you will never understand what it takes to run a marathon (42k) until you run your first race.

As a passionate runner and entrepreneur, I’m grateful to have both these activities on my life agenda. What I learn from being a successful entrepreneur helps me to understand what to change in my running.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint. Nothing can be truer, but you can specify the synergies even further.

Yesterday I ran a half-marathon in my old Swedish hometown. By the way, it is the oldest in a row long distance race worldwide without interruption. Since 1898 the race is a traditional yearly event.

A couple of half-marathons is a natural part of my preparation for the most important events during the year. The two marathon races in my schedule for this year represent the core for the planning.

The value of a half-marathon race for the upcoming marathon race has the same function as your entrepreneurial journey. It's part of the project and not the final goal.

There is one significant difference between a marathon and shorter races. In this article, we will reveal it all.

The Core Qualities For A Runner And A Successful Entrepreneur


Is the passion for running triggering the entrepreneurial vein or vice verse. The right answer is probably both. And the mindset for an enthusiastic and passionate runner is the same as for a passionate and successful entrepreneur. Read my blog post “6 Crucial Links Between Runners And Entrepreneurs” from the 7th of June, 2016. There you'll find a more in-depth analysis of the topic.

Here are some highlights from the article:

Passionate and goal oriented – Both runners and entrepreneurs need to be tremendously excited about what we are doing. Focus on the goal-setting and to stick to the goal are core ingredients.

Mental and physical health – Starting a company requires a lot of dedication and working hours to get properly sat up. The same goes for marathon training.

Confidence and conviction – By experience, you will learn that following your training program, for sure will bring you to your goal. The same goes for you as an entrepreneur. By experience, you’ll get to know that the path is simple: Set the goal and just do it!

Keeping the right pace – A runner will experience very soon that the right pace is key to the expected result. Keeping the right pace and doing the foundation correctly of your business will pay off in a positive way.

Rest and recovery – The recovery after a marathon race is as important as the training before the race. The nice thing by being an online marketer and entrepreneur, as I am, is that you can decide how to focus on your different projects. Once achieved what has to be achieved you can slow down and give the body the required “maintenance.”

Flexibility - As a digital marketer I would like to add another ingredient that matches so well my marathon running. I can work from anywhere in the world.

What Does A Successful Entrepreneur Have In Common With A Marathon Runner?

You probably hear every now and then that entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint.

The metaphor is valid in the sense that in both cases it takes time to reach the goal, but a marathon race has something peculiar making it different from shorter races.

You are going to hit the famous wall!

undefinedIt’s the moment when you feel that you’re done, and you still have to run another 12-15 kilometers (7 to 9 miles). With a proper training, the “hitting the wall” moment won’t come when running shorter distances.

It’s the time when your body is completely out of energy. You’ll have to be able to burn some fat. This is where many runners fail.

The good thing is that you can train and prepare yourself to get your body to switch. To change from glycogen to fat as the primary fuel.

By using training and shortcuts in a balanced way, you’ll handle “the wall” pretty well after a couple of marathon races.

The same goes for a successful entrepreneur. Training or preparation together with the available shortcuts will bring you to your goal.

Things like time, mindset, afford the “pain” are examples of what you have to train. It goes for both marathon runners as well as a successful entrepreneur.

We All Love Shortcuts

With technology and science, you’ve got a new game plan.

Low weight and almost tailor-made running shoes, energy gels and plenty of other tools, will help you to work you through faster towards “the wall” challenge. As never before all types of sports have so much available on the shortcut side.

But, whatever tools you’re using, they will be completely useless without your hard work and well-planned training and preparation.

Entrepreneurship isn’t something new. What is new is that all the shortcuts finally allow for every single person to make it happen.

The Internet and all kind of online business opportunities have never been so easy as now. The automation will be your shortcut to prepare yourself to “hit the wall” as a successful entrepreneur.

As a passionate marathon runner, it’s natural to work as an online marketing entrepreneur. Both activities, give me the flexibility and freedom to work on my terms and to be anywhere in the world. With an Internet connection, my laptop, a road and running shoes, my passions do not have any restrictions as to location and timetables.

If you can relate to my story and would like to know more, then please drop me a line and let’s have a personal talk about how to make this lifestyle a reality for you.

If you already are convinced and would like to try it out immediately, then click on the banner below and together we’ll look at what is best for you and your situation.

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