Meditation for a calm Mind

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Meditation for a calm Mind

I am a mum of 3, I have a full time job as a senior accountant, I like to exercise daily and I am setting up my own business! HOW? With help from the power of meditation. I have to do meditaion to for a calm mind at the end of the day to help me sleep and switch off. 

I’m not a 40 minute a day meditator. I don’t have time for that, but shutting down at the end of the day is really important to getting a good night sleep for your body to be ready to do it all over again.

The process I use I simple and takes 10 minutes.

Sometimes I need to be talked through it if it’s been a really information heavy day. You can do this yourself by recording a 10 minute walk through of each step, ensuring there is enough silence to rest.

Sitting in a chair, on your bed, in your bed (which is where I tend to be as it’s the close down before I fall asleep)

Step 1, take deep breaths with your eyes open. Feel the relaxation of your body with each breath. Feel the contact of your feet, arms, body on the chair / bed / floor.

Step 2, after 5 or so breaths close your eyes and resume a normal pace of breathing. Don’t change your breathing but become aware of the speed, of where you feel the breath entering and exiting your body.

Step 3, focus on your body, how does it feel physically? Start at your head and scan down. Acknowledge any uncomfortableness or pains, but don’t adjust them. Feel your emotions, are you happy, tense, anxious? Again don’t change them just become aware of them.

Step 4, breath in and out in normal rhythm, counting the breaths if it helps to clear your mind. Count in for 1, out for 2 but at 10 start again from 1. Do this in silence for a few minutes.

Step 5, bring your mind back to your body, feel the contact with the chair/ bed / floor. Start acknowledging the sounds around you and focus back on your sences and the world around you.

Step 6, steadily start to move slightly awakening your body and slowly open your eyes. Or in my case keep them shut and fall asleep with an empty mind ready for it to be filled the next day.

 Sleep well, sleep deeply, rebuild both body and mind in order to achieve the next day.

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