Mindfulness vs. the Kids

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Busy Busy Busy

We all seem to be busier, doing more. But does doing more actually mean that we are getting more done?

Married with 4 kids, 2 dogs and my own business, I never seem to have time to do anything. I never seem to have time to stop and enjoy life. My head is usually buzzing with things to do and things that never got done. This can quickly lead to negative thoughts that stop you from being satisfied at work and happy at home.

So What Is Mindfulness?

In a nutshell, it's about giving yourself a second to breathe. To appreciate the things around you. To acknowledge your current thoughts and state of mind, so that you can do something about them, or not. For example, if you are annoyed at something or someone, recognise it, then take action, hopefully something positive.

Is This All Mumbo Jumbo And Pseudoscience?

After all, I am a scientist. I did a science degree. Why wasn't this stuff on the course. So I qualified a few years ago! We did look at how drugs affected the brain. But did not look at the study of mindfulness. However there has been a big shift in thinking and the NHS (National Health Service) and NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) both now recognise the benefits of mindfulness.

So How Would Mindfulness Help Me?

It teaches you to be aware of your thoughts and to take charge of them. Letting you decide which thoughts to take action on and which thoughts to give less attention to. We must have thousands of thoughts every day. Not all of them are positive and helpful.

Does Mindfulness Work When The Kids Are Shouting At You?

There is a LOT of shouting in my house. Between me, the kids, the wife. And then there is shouting between the adults on how best to resolve a particular situation involving the kids. The funny thing is that the kids soon forget about the incident whereas it could take me all day to get out of angry mode. Sometimes still feeling the effects until I get home from work.

The First Time That I Used Mindfulness.

The first time that I used indfulness properly was after an argument with my wife. Normally I would be thinking about the argument, that I was right and she was wrong, at night when I went to bed, wake up and still be thinking about it, until one of us sends a text to apologise to the other later in the day. And that is when my head would feel clear again. On this occasion I recognised that I was angry. So I decided not to be angry. I decided to think only positively. Immediately my head felt clear.

What Does The Family Think Of Me And My Mindfulness?

They laugh at me. But thats good, I like laughter.

Who Should I Listen To, Or Watch To Learn About Mindfulness?

A good start would be Wayne Dyer.

Let me know if mindfulness works for you.

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