Mindset Sunday - Week #1

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Here we are once again……. a new year, new challenges and I bet you’ve set yourself some New Year resolutions too…… are they more or less the same resolutions you set yourself last year or the year before that?
Let’s put New Year resolutions aside, we do the same thing with the simplest task at work or home life.

Why do some of us set ourselves these goals but always find an excuse to do it tomorrow or next week and then end up not doing it at all? Are the goals we set ourselves to difficult to achieve or do we set too many goals and maybe only end up doing one or two half-heartedly of what we originally set out to do?

I will be the first person to put my hand up and tell you that I’m guilty of not completing goals I set out to do. When I do manage to complete a goal I feel quite proud and satisfied with my achievement of that goal. But most of the time we all come up with the same old excuses and convince ourselves not to do what we originally set out to achieve.

I think it comes down to our “Mindset!”. Our goals always sound achievable in our minds, but we fail to take the necessary actions to attack them head-on. It may be that we lack the skills required to achieve the goals or simply lack the motivation, so our excuses become our main focus and we convince ourselves not to go through with it.
Do you know what………? The excuses always sound best to the person making them up!

So, what’s stopping you right now?

• Are you too tired to get out of your warm bed?

• Did you not get enough sleep?

• Don’t you have enough time?

• Is it too cold to go for that run?

• Was work being a bitch today and now you don’t have the energy to go to the gym tonight?

• Want to lose some weight this year, so let’s start it on Monday… in fact let’s start it on the 1st of Feb, a fresh month?

Or is the thing that's stopping you… YOU?

Come on people, stop with the excuses, stop coasting!

Your results are created by your actions, so strive for excellence, not perfection. You will need to structure your day and break down your goals into a weekly manageable task, this will come down to discipline. Set your goals for the day and don’t let the day direct you. We often have the tendency to look outside of ourselves for things to change and improve whilst we wait for the economy or housing market to pick up. It's easy to waste our time and energy, hoping and imagining what our lives would be like if these things improve, but we don’t control any of these factors. The only thing we have control of is our thinking and actions. Those are enough if you are willing to own them, taking ownership of your choices comes down to accountability!

I'm leaving you with this video and hopefully, it lights that fire within you and kick starts you into completing your ambitions and sets you on a path of success.


                                     No Excuses People!!!!!

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