Music Therapy helps the soul

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Do you love music? Do you feel better just listening to your favorite song? During times of struggle have you seen people now-a-days with ear buds in? What do you suppose music helps us with?

Researchers have discovered that music therapy can impact our lives at a deeper level then we ever imagined. Working in the Health Industry for so many years I have learned that playing music for my patients helps to calm them during times that are very fearful and difficult to move physically. Their walking patterns and movement become more at ease decreasing the chances of them falling. 

I myself have adopted this concept in my live. I listen to music for Happiness, concentration, peace, and focus. If you listen to certain tones the brain chemistry changes producing chemicals that help you to change the way you feel. 

In todays world with technology growing and more and more people staying plugged in, we need that respite for our brain to re-calculate and balance itself. I LOVE the word HOMEOSTASIS. Homeostasis is our wonderful warrior system that helps us to recover and bring back to a normal state of being (Internal Balance). Music helps this state of being to recover despite our conditions we put ourselves through. 

Work smart and take the time today to help your soul with music! If you want a peaceful life, you must do peaceful things! Enjoy your day!

As always dedicated to building you up.

Aloha, Lori


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