My Journey on Recovering from Sensitivity to Chemicals 2

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What things are going well for you today?

Are you thinking about something that makes you happy, or the things that make you feel gloomy?

Are you focusing on the sunny side of the coin, or the dark side?

As you may have heard, whatever you focus on consistently will become more powerful. 

I experienced something that supports this saying, which I would like to share with you in this blog.


Morning Meditation

I have been meditating every morning, listening to and following Dr. Dispenza's "Understanding the Power Of Your Mind" Intensive Workshop video instructions.

To be honest, the chatter in my head has been quite loud and disruptive while meditating. Also, I have been finding myself being distracted by the environment, the heat and the humidity in the room.

Today was just another day like that. I started thinking about what I needed to do today, how to get by this month with little income, how to avoid getting exposed to smell, and the like.

But every time I noticed that I was drifting off somewhere, I intentionally muted the chatter and brought my attention back into focus. 

So after an hour of meditation, I did manage to get myself to an elevated state somewhat.

Morning Walk

The temperature outside was already above 30 degrees Celcius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity 60%, but I felt like I needed to exercise to get my juice going. 

So, I decided to go for a morning walk, while trying to maintain this elevated state.

The blue sky looked bluer, and the clouds whiter. The leaves on trees looked more vivid and greener. I was pleasantly surprised how upbeat I was feeling, despite my health condition and the heat.

As I was walking down the pedestrian walk, I noticed a house about 50 meters ahead, being remodelled. I also saw cans of paint, placed along the house.

My normal reaction would be to cross the street onto the otherside immediately to avoid getting close to paint or thinners that emit strong smell. 

I would usually sense them to be extremely pungent, react strongly to them, and start feeling dizzy and sick.

But today, I decided to go past by it to see whether I would react like usual or not; to see whether the meditation this moring worked in some way.


Showed No Reaction!

So, on I went. And when I got to the house where the paint-work was ongoing, I just smelt the paint as paint, and nothing more; no emotions or strings attached. 

It is rather hard to explain, but it was as if I was remotely smelling the smell that was there as an observer; "I was there, but not there" kind of feeling was what I felt. 

This was once again a NEW PHENOMENON for me!

Experiencing The Benefit Of Meditation Already

I think this occurred, because I was consumed with the happy feelings from the meditation, and was not focused on the environment. 

I would usually scan the minute details around me, determined not to miss the slightest of bit of smell.

But by moving my attention from the smells in the envionment to happier thoughts, I got distracted effectively. As a result, my sense of smell got weakened in a good way.

I have experienced first-hand, "where you place your attention is where you place your energy," as Dr. Dispenza writes in his book, "Becoming Supernatural."

Another step forward!

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