My Life My Way - The Art Of Energy Meditation (Days 3 & 4)

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Connecting To My Inner Being

Another amazing day with the sun shining brightly. Meditation for me is finding a connection to my inner being and sustaining it. Ultimately to be one with my spiritual being.

Firstly I needed to find the most effective way for me to stay focused on one targeted thought.To do this is easy once you follow simple steps. For those of us that are still having too many thoughts interrupting us this step will be helpful.

The Mirror Effect For Focus

Stand in front of a mirror and choose a spot on your reflection and focus on it. To stay relaxed slowly breathe in and out for a few moments. For me the point of focus will be the tip of my nose.

You can also try blinking in an easy manner while inhaling and exhaling as you will be exercising your eye muscles at the same time. The tip of your nose is a good point to set your vision on because it is easy to view your entire body from this vantage point. 

Focus With Eyes Closed

After you have become accustomed to the above action with eyes open the same step is now done with closed eyes. For your own safety it is imperative that you be seated in a reckliner to perform this step with closed eyes.

With eyes closed and in an easy and relaxed manner turn your vision to the tip of your nose while slowly breathing in and out. With eyes still closed point your sight to the tip of your nose of your reflection in the mirror.

Physical Self and Reflection

When you are comfortable performing all the steps so far it is time to move towards simultaneous actions. Practice first with open eyes and then with closed eyes, picture your physical self seated on the recliner and at the same time see yourself in the mirror.

The whole idea of using a mirror is to engage with both your physical self and spiritual self. For some reason I find doing these exercises with the aid of a mirror gives me an unexplained depth to this meditation.

The Next Level For Energy

Practise makes perfect, sustained practice becomes part of you. I hope you are all at home and hosed with the meditation you engaged in so far you to take it to another level.

You will lie on your recliner, completely relaxed and at ease, breathing casually in and out. With eyes open look at yourself with your line of vision moving from the tip of your nose up to your head and down from your head, arms and body to your toes. Imagine your reflection is doing the same.

Repeat the process but this time with your eyes directed to your toes and gradually moving through your legs and body and arms up to your head. Follow the same with your reflection.

Keep at this ever so slowly, relaxed and easy, breathing in and out, for as many times as you wish.

Now with closed eyes follow all the above steps and always remember to be relaxed and breathing in and out.

Awareness Of Oneself 

By now it is getting easier and easier to gradually become aware of your entire body and the fifty trillion or so cells that are our physical bodies. Now I am sure you can with open or close eyes repeat all the steps in any order at your leisure. The next step you will learn on Day 5.

Meditation And Mindsets

For me life is a feeling good experience of happiness, anything less is a self-imposed limitation.

If you feel anything less than happy and joyous this Energy Meditation will be a good start for you to break the chains that are restricting you from freedom to live the lifestyle you can choose. I hope you can join me for Day 5 for the mantra to effectively communicate with all your cells and body.

The Mindset Of Affliction

We are in our physical bodies to experience, grow and expand by creating, and we do this whether we realize it or not. The path to happines is through our deliberate creativity.

If we are not aligned with all our desires by giving form to them then we create mindsets that afflict us greatly. Transformation becomes necessary to free ourselves from this discomfort.

The First Little Step

Energy Meditation can greatly assist in changing our mindsets for a healthy life.

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