My Perfect Everyday Day

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The day started early ish around 7am, the birds where singing outside, we have four family's of swallows breeding in our garage this summer and it was feeding time, I laid and listenend to their song, such an amazing sound of summer. The sun was trying to prise open the curtains of our bedroom window, so got up ot of bed open and the sun a head and them wide to reveal the most glorius and wonderus of blue skies id ever seen, I do live in the UK and blue skies are a wonder to behold! A quick bathroom trip and I got back into bed and snuggled up to my lovely wife, she was just waking from her slumber and still all cuddly, the cuddles turn to kiss' and.. well.. I'll leave rest up to you, but I'm a lucky guy ;) 

Our two boys started to rise around 8am so we got up to make us all breakfast, soldiers dipped into eggs, yes I'm 41 years and still like dippy egg I don't care I love them, we chatted about the day that lay ahead, well... chatted? in the case of out elder son who's right in the middle of the dreaded teenage years, he joined in with few grunts, and then my wife took them off school in our lovely car. She came back 20minutes later and the dogs greeted her on return, like they do every school morning, furious tail wagging and following the car up the drive, lots and lots of fuss and licks, I'm sure they think she goes of on a dangerous around the world trip every morning, the greeting she gets on her return is pure love, maybe as humans we can learn from them? not the peeing up lamposts and shagging everthing, I mean the love bit!  After a coffee and a chat, we crack on with work, our internet business is doing really well becouse we give a couple of hours a day, to keep the ball rolling and those bills paid.

Lunch time, our local town it about a twenty minute walk from our home so we decide to walk in and go to favorite café, today we sat outside and enjoy a hearty Lasagne although in hindsight it was maybe a tad warm out to fully enjoy the lovely meal, it was very tasty all the same.

We strolled on back home discussing the evening plans, "How about a picnic? the dog's and kids love a paddle in the streams on the moors," I suggested, "yeah nice," my wife replied. We picked up the boys from school, dog's all exicited and sandwiches packed we headed off to one of our favourite spots, Losky Bridge, lovely placing in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors, tucked into our home made ham and BLT sandwiches, the teen wondered off for a walk and rest of played in streams with dogs, all was lovely. 

Here's the video I did with our drone on YouTube enjoy.

We came home a little tired, we watch a bit TV ,had the usual thirty minutes, trying to get the boys to their beds and to be honest, we soon followed them, that night I lay in bed and counted each one of my blessing, I am living the life of my dreams and I'm a luck guy. 


The above was our actual day on Tuesday 20th June 2017 I did not write it to boast or gloat in anyway, in a here look at me with my perfect life way,  no I wrote it as a gratitude exercise

You see, two years ago most of my days were the polar a opposite, I had depression, work was a drag, my boys missbehaved. life was tough. Then one day I stumbled across the book, The Art Of Being Brilliant and it changed my life and then I started studying the Law Of Attraction (google it) and it changed my life again, honest if there's two things I recommend it these two subjects. I used to wish I could win the lottery, now I just know I will or have I already? 

Stuart Ross is a big motivator in my new life as he showed me the inter business that got us away from or shitty little jobs and making a life of our own. You can read about him here.

I hope you have a fantastic day, you can follow my journey on twitter

You can read about our internet bussines here 

Peace and love Andy. undefined

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