My Top Travel Picks (so far…)

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We all travel for different reasons – adventure, culture, relaxation, food and drink, scenery and wildlife, history, special events, new experiences or a combination of these and many others. I caught the wanderlust-bug early travelling around the harsh and spectacular outback of Australia with my family when I was a schoolkid. Almost as soon as I was old enough to get my passport and travel without a parent one of my best mates and I jetted off to Europe, and neither of us has stopped exploring the globe since. Currently clocking in at 23 countries, I’d like to share a few of my favourite places for particular reasons:

Food/drink – Japan and Austria

·         Super fresh

·         Traditional

·         Intricate

·         Prepared impeccably

·         Insanely delicious

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(Gyoza & beer in Tokyo- Japan / Sachertort & Wien Melange in Vienna- Austria)

Culture/history – Britain, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands

·         Plays

·         Castles

·         Churches

·         Ancient forts & monuments

·         Music

·         Traditional dance

 undefined(Julius Caeser performed at The Globe Theatre in London- UK)


(Canals of Bruges- Belgium)

Adventure/outdoors – Canada and Argentina

·         Snowboarding/skiing

·         Hiking

·         Mountain biking

·         Via ferrata

·         Road biking

·         White water rafting

·         Canoeing

·         Mountain-climbing

·         Ice-climbing

 undefined undefined(Snowboarding near Bariloche- Argentina / White-water rafting at Fernie- Canada)

Wildlife – Australia

·         Tropical/sub-tropical – parrots & other birds, snakes, cassowaries, Tasmanian devils,

·         Bush/Desert – kangaroos, emu’s, dingoes, wedge-tailed eagles, camels, wombats, koalas

·         Aquatic- crocodiles, sharks, whales, a plethora of reef fish and creatures, dolphins, seals

undefined (Eastern Grey joey- Sunshine Coast) 


(Rainbow Lorikeet- Central Queensland)

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