Nr 1-superior for less pain and expanded strength!

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Nr 1-superior for less pain and expanded strength!

Everything in our body is embedded in membranes of some kind or consists of it, therefore you should prior to take care of them and if you are in pain, this is what helps you most of all, to get treatment and special practice for membranes, except fore necessary surgery of course.

All organs have a lot of membranes and hinds, most of them are also held in place with internal membranes. I have worked a lot with different kind of painconditions, I always prevent and treat according to "Nr 1-superior for less pain" regardless of the specific purpose of the practice, prevention or treatment.

We need highly expanded flow and stringent pathways in all membranes, even the ones who needs to be stable and hard, for example some fascias. It is fascinating that some membranes are almost without sensoryfeelings but still dominate our painsignals. Their structure for communication at microlevel is far more effective and faster then muclestructures.

Stiffness and pain is often related but likewise from a misunderstood perspective. You can be very stiff and without pain if the cirkulation is good enough, and viceversa you can have pain even if you are smooth and flexible. It all depends on how healthy your membranes are in generel and in specific areas according to the signal pathways.

I am a lazy person (blink, blink) and like to practice and treat my own body, mind, spirit and soul as effective and affectionatly as possible, so I can have as fun as possible in life. Sometimes I really appriciate a decadent living, with healthy hinds the body tolerates it. Best of all is that after some time I get satisfied and voluntarily return to ordinary routines with happiness.

As usual I enjoy sharing different techniques, methods and approaches, both for empowering others but also for interaction with others. Take a look at my facebookpages, more technical methods are explored at 

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