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In the morning you wake up fresh and decided you will work out after work but after work you feel really exhausted. You go back home and relax on your couch. The running, jogging, workout, skating, or that physical activity that you plannd in the morning is now not going to happen. You are just exhausted. You don't like to take the sugar loaded energy drinks to boost your energy because of the unhealthy nature of too much sugar in our bodies. You hate that feeling of the sugar crash you get after using up all the energy that comes from sugar in an energy drink. So what can you do? There is an alternative to that. See the video below

Well. I hope you like it. So what is XS Energy + Focus and how does it help you boost your performance?

XS Energy+Focus  is a sports Nutrition Product produced by XS Sports Nutrition and is designed to help maximize physical endurance and mental focus during exercise. It helps supports the body's stress response to shorten recovery.

Its primary ingredient, arctic herb rhodiola rosea, has been studied for its ability to enhance performance and reduce stress. The primary ingredient in XS Energy+Focus is arctic herb rhodiola rosea. This ingredient has been studied for its ability to enhance performance and reduce stress.

The benefits of XS Energy +Focus include:

  1. Helps maximize physical endurance and mental focus during exercise.* Get quick energy during workouts or whenever you need a fast, effective stamina boost.
  2. Promote a more vigorous workout. XS™ Energy + Focus has natural caffeine from green tea extract. Combined with rhodiola rosea, it can help promote more vigorous workouts.
    Supports the body's stress response to shorten recovery.
  3. Research suggests rhodiola rosea helps decrease recovery time by improving your body’s stress response system.

Why do I share this product with you? I have been living in Boston since 2015. In 2016, I started to learn how to run along the South Boston Harbor Walk which spans through multiple beaches. It is so beautiful and fun in the summer time when it is warm. I would run for 1.5 to 3 hours nonstop and this would be around 7 to 17 miles. I used to get so tired after every long run for sometime 2 days-muscle pains, joint pain and just general body pain. Then a friend of mine, a football player, told me about XS Enegy +Focus and how this product was helping him perform to his best and how his body could recover quicker after his practice and sometime after a full game. Then I tried it for my running routine. I saw a big difference. I was able to focus on my running; I could run for a longer time-sometime 3.5 hours, and I did not feel pain after a day. Since then I am stuck on using this product.  I take one table just before workout or running, jogging and it makes a tremedous difference.

The biggest reason I sharing this today is this. I have a colleague of mine from work. She has been working on her weight loss program and going to the gym. During our morning work meetings, she asked me how I am able to run for 3 hours non stop and not get tired. I told her about XS Energy+Focus. She tried it and she is loved it to this day. This morning when I hoped out of the train station on my way to work, I was talking to her about life in general she narrated to me about how this product made a big difference for her in following her workout program. She gave a tablet to her mother in Washington DC when she went home last weekend and the mother absolutely loves it and she wants more. It gives her such a great enduring energy boost. A friend of mind from Guyana who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts usually takes a table or two with him when he is going to a long drive to North Carolina from Worcester. Anway, I get so excited when I share testimonies about XS Energy + Focus.

Have you ever have any experiences with XS Energy+Focus?  Have you ever tried it? What sports nutrition products do you use to maximize performance and boost energy without sugar crash experiences?

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