Our environment inside-out

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Our environment inside-out

I have been vegetarian since 2006ish.

We all grow with the assumption that being a vegetarian improves your health and it’s true, then I discovered that is not that true... Then, time goes by and sooner than later I realized that there are many things around, what we call HEALTHY FOOD, that are causing our daily failure in keeping our inner environment (the place where we live) clean and in order. I just wrote “environment!?”

When we think about “environment,” the first feeling is stepping outside and look around. Trees, birds, air and there we are… that’s environment. But if we really think for a moment, our bodies and our environment around us are made of the same matter. There’s a continuous exchange between what is inside our skins and the world around. Things come in and things come out… We see it in every autonomous organism; Animals and plants. If we expand our imagination, we can also consider a lake an autonomous organism, for instance.

Our environment inside-out

We eat, drink, breath. Light comes in though our eyes, meaning forms inside our brain by recognizing things around, ideas, solutions, feelings. The sun’s rays penetrate our skin, giving us a feeling of completion. Our digestive system starts breaking down our breakfast and starts separating the useful building blocks and energy, from what can be returned back to the environment. We sweat and moisture returns outside through our skin.

Our environment inside-out Our environment inside-out[/caption] In our modern society, to “return” the “excess,” we simply sit on the toilette, and when we finish, that button is pushed and the whole thing goes down that tube, but in the wild, animals still drop it on the ground, leaving their “excess” to other creatures that continue the process of decomposition, returning all elements to their original form…

Our environment inside-out

Wait a minute… the original form of food for a cow is grass, but the original form of food for a worm is the cow’s crap. Then, the original form of food for a bird is the poor damned worm... then the little bird drops her thing on the grown and there it comes, the poor worm that is always eaten and gets all the crap for lunch. Talking seriously… Isn’t it an amazing ecosystem? Here’s another word: contamination. Since forever, I associated the word “contamination” to a lake, the ocean, the soil, etc. and I bet most of my peers do too. Well, since a lake can be considered an autonomous organism and it can also be contaminated, then my body -that is an autonomous organism- can be contaminated as well. Think about this…

The whole world, I mean, planet Earth is an autonomous organism. Our planet is perfectly autonomous. What comes in? Well, the amazing sun’s energy and rocks still flying around the galaxy. The rocks’ “intake” was very busy in the process of formation, millions of years ago, of what we know now as: The Blue Planet. There’s no space ship coming here in order to provide food and goods (well… I believe so.) Everything is perfectly balanced and the sun provides its energy.

Our environment inside-out

Returning to all living forms as autonomous organisms, it all simply comes to:

1- What comes in. 2- What changes it provokes. 3- What comes out. What is meant to come out, IT HAS to come out… but we talk about this later.


Interview with Noah St John Get Rid of your Head Trash about Money

Interview with Noah St John Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money: How to Avoid the 3 Massive Money Mistakes Even Smart People Make (Volume 1)

Our environment inside-out and  Interview with Noah St John Get Rid of your Head Trash about Money.  – Part 3

Marcello Cicchini: Before the next question I would say… you said something in one of the introductions about self-help, which is many people (Noah meant: SHELF-help) which many people misinterpret.

Self-help means that you have to help yourself. So, many people believe that Self-Help reading will make the work for them; “Okay so I read a self-help book and magically things happen.” Reading… and then it is up to me.

Noah St JohnRight, you have to internalize that,  and, you know I invented a phrase called shelf-help so a lot of people have a lot of books on their shelf, right, and it hasn't done anything because as you just said, but you actually went one step further than most people, what most people do, as they buy a bunch of books and then don't even read them.

They just put them on the shelf, right, and then they don’t read it. That’s what I call shelf-help. They go: “- Look at all these books!... – have you read any... No. Have you done anything?... Oh no…, I’m too busy watching TV.” Really?

Our environment inside-out

So, the point is, all comes down to; How much do you want it? How big is your desire?

I started my company called SuccessClinic.com (That’s the name of my company), in 1997 with $800 and a book on how to do HTML. Had no idea how to run a business, how to do any kind of marketing or selling or accounting or how to do…

I mean this is 1997, 20 years ago. There wasn't even any… there's no Amazon, there was no Facebook, YouTube, social media blogging. That was years away. So, I didn't know what the heck to do, but I had a desire, I had this deep deep desire to help people, to make a difference and an impact all around the world.

Our environment inside-out

I didn't know what I was doing and I made mistakes along the way. It cost a lot of money, it took a lot of time, but now I’ve been able to mentor people so they don’t have to make all the mistakes that I made.

You know, so, building your business is kind of like climbing a mountain, right? There's ups and downs and peaks and valleys. So, it's really helpful to have, you know, a mentor, a Sherpa, you know, like, to guide along the away, and say; “Hey, don't go over there because you can fall down and die.” Right? “That's not a good way over there, but over here's a shortcut. We can get to the top and a lot less effort.”

Our environment inside-out

So that's one of the things you can do to speed your way. M: You mentioned the 3 big mistakes entrepreneurs make. Can you tell us about this? N: Absolutely! I do talk about it in the book. But, what I was saying is, the first big mistake that people make is one of things that I've already talked about, which is your, head trash. Another way to look at that is you unconscious money blocks.

Noah's interview for TheDigitalStyleCloud.com

A lot of us are carrying around, you know, I just call it your story, what’s your story about money, like I was talking about a minute ago. I grow up with: “We don’t have,” “I’ll never afford it,” “We can’t have it,” “You can't do it,” “I'll never do it,” “I'll never amount to much,” just really negative programming…

Well millions of people grew up with that, you know, I'm not unusual or special. There's millions and millions of people out there that grew up with: “I can't have it,” “I can't afford it,” so on and so on…

So, the point is, when it’s unconscious, you can’t make a choice about it. If something is in your subconscious mind it's exactly like you're driving down the road of life with one on the brake, right? So, if you're driving down the road with one foot on the brake, you’re going to be working really really hard and still not getting anywhere.

Our environment inside-out

So, getting rid of your head trash about money, which is why I wrote the book, that’s really one big mistake that a lot of people are still making. Another big big mistake that people make is not having a mentor. And as I just talked about, you know, it's like climbing a mounting. Building your business is kind of, like building a house.

One of the big mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make is, they’re working really really hard. They get up in the morning and they’re excited, they're like “Hey, I'm going to conquer the world, I'm going to help a lot of people make money” and then you know what they do? They just start slapping boards together, and they hope the house is going to show up.

Our environment inside-out

The point is… all the folks watching are working really hard but most of you don't have a blueprint, right, when you're building a house, what do you need? You need a blueprint. What is the blueprint? The blueprint is something that you lay out in your mind first. Everything is created 3 times. There are always three creations.

First is the creation of mind, which is just an idea or a thought or a desire, like I had back 20 years ago in college dorm room. I had a desire I didn't know what the heck I was doing, right? So, the second creation is when you write something out. You write a plan or a blueprint, like a house. A blueprint is a two-dimensional representation, right? You can't live in a blueprint… it's a piece of paper.

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Our environment inside-out

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Our environment inside-out

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