Living Life more fully...Practice Listening to you first.

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Some signs you are resisting the information you are learning about.
1. Your stomach feels a sensation
2. Your head hurts
3. You start crying
4. You feel some resistance in your body, ie: tension
5. Your voice gets louder
6. You start to feel overwhelmed, palms heat up etc.
7. You feel resistant
8. You can't remember what it is you were suppose to do
Your listening to your body. You are respecting the information it is giving you. Don't keep ignoring it. Its giving you powerful information that will reward you with a great sense of peace once you observe it. You don't have to label the sensation. However, a key piece to listening to your body is understanding NOTHING PHYSICAL CAN EVER STAY THE SAME. If you observe, listen and be patient that sensation will go away. Wait for the shift. Unfortunately, these sensations tend to get louder if they are not observed/acknowledge it first.
I share my feelings without attachment or judgement. I also deeply love all the people I interact with. I stop when I sense one of the above. I either try and get to a quiet place but if I can't... . I know we are all one or in the same boat, sort of speak. Please Know you are not alone!
You have a great wisdom that is a spring of joy and peace. Its worth taking the time to reconnect with you! You are beautiful and worth listing to!