Preventive Maintenance

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Many people in Western culture own at least one car.  A vehicle first and foremost is convenient transportation.  But along with being transportation is attached status, pride, and ego.  (This is not an all-encompassing statement but it relates to the majority of the public.)  A car being all of the aforementioned most people take a great deal of care in maintaining the performance and appearance of their car.

Preventive maintenance is something that is performed routinely in order to keep a car running well and looking good.  A lot of time and money is spent making sure that our transportation performs well when we need it to perform.  Routine oil change, tune-up, tire rotation, wheel alignment, belts changed, fluids checked, A/C recharged, and don't forget washing and waxing.  All this preventive maintenance to keep the car operating at peak performance and looking good.

Since we do all this preventive maintenance for a car to keep it functioning well, what preventive maintenance do you routinely perform on yourself to keep you operating at peak performance?

Everyone will experience difficulties many times during a lifetime.  It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do to earn a living, or what your income may be everyone will experience life's troubles.  Regardless of the life problem you find yourself going through life, employers, and family still require you to function at a high capacity and without some form of preventive maintenance on ourselves, a life situation could have a devastating effect on our mind.

One life event is inevitable, this is death, but many of life circumstances come unexpectedly. Just as you perform preventive maintenance on your vehicle so that it is not likely to have an unexpected breakdown, so should you perform preventive maintenance on your mind so that you don't unexpectantly break down.

undefinedNo one expects to have accidents, contract serious illnesses, lose family members to tragic situations but events like these happen every day. In 2007 no one remotely thought that one year later in 2008 they could be jobless, homeless, and financially broke, but it happened.

Unexpected life situations can sometimes cause people to become incapacitated.  If you have no preventive maintenance strategies implemented in your life unexpected events can be devasting to your mind and send you spiraling into a state of debilitation where you are unable to function normally for days, months or even years.  I believe that all human life is worth more than any make or model of vehicle on the market, so consider doing for yourself what you routinely do for your vehicle.

So, what is a Personal Preventive Maintenance Strategy?  Personal preventive maintenance strategies are many, but I believe they all fall under the heading of Personal Development.  Personal Development is an ongoing process to develop your mind, increase your awareness of yourself and the world about you, and continued growth in understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

My preventive maintenance strategy is daily to listen to a motivational speaker tell their story.  I read something from one of my personal development adventure stories, I exercise, through different methods, I journal my thoughts, and most importantly I try to practice the Universal Laws in my daily activities.

Usually, when something uncomfortable is happening in my life I try to remember if I heard someone speak of going through a similar situation and what they did to overcome.  I also, draw from lessons taught in the Personal Development adventure stories that I read and I always seek resolutions within the Universal Laws.

Almost all human being have some form of understanding, belief, knowledge, and wisdom.  (Since we are familiar with technology I will use it as an analogy).  Technology is increasing and evolving every day and so should we.  Our awareness, understanding, and wisdom about yourself and the world around us should be increasing at the same rate or faster than the increase of our technological inventions.

I know, from my own experience that if you apply a preventive maintenance strategy to your life as you do with your car, the chances will be decreased that you will break down during an unexpected life crisis.  Implement preventive maintenance strategies in your life now so that when (not if) life presents you with a challenge you will not fold under the pressure nor break down.

undefinedEver since I've been watching TV broadcasting stations have had the emergency broadcast system.  The television beeps 3 times and you hear the message "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system." Back in the 60's I remember at the end of the test the station had a message "If this had been an actual emergency you would have been directed where to go and what to do."  Implement preventive maintenance strategies (mindset development and personal growth)  in your life now so that when life gives you a beep beep beep message you know exactly where to go and what to do.   If you like this article share it! 



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