Quick shift to Increase your Energy Bank Balance

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What is the energy bank balance? Why is it important?


Everything is energy. You are a magnetic field of energy. Money is a magnetic field of energy. Your physical health is controlled by a magnetic field of energy. The transference and flow of these energies are contingent upon how receptive you allow these energies to pass through. The more open your energy centers are the more ease in your life. Having more energy flow through creates a higher frequency vibration and regulation for the brains positive chemical production. By doing so it is possible to live the majority of the time in a state of love and above, with abundance. Your energy bank is the ability to allow for the increase in the flow of what you truly desire to flow in and out.

How do you become receptive?

Let's talk a little bit about the language of your mind, and how to create a state of energetic flow for this receiving. There needs to be an ability to quiet the mind and to just be. When we meditate we go into the state of becoming the observer of our life versus the conductor. When meditation is practiced it allows for chemical alterations in the brain. This enhances the dopamine, serotonin and euphoric type of properties that change the blood flow from the frontal lobe to the pineal gland or crocodile mind and therefore quiets the chattering mind with a more focused and intuitive behavior. When the thoughts slow down the listening and allowing energy begins. One needs to set your internal environment to receiving/attracting instead of chasing. The grateful state is the receiving state.

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Okay, let's take this a little deeper and learn ways to do this.

1. Meditate~Take at least 1 hour of your morning to focus on setting the grateful and receiving heart in place. Do this before the sun rises (if possible in nature) and before the collective world is in motion. Rumi says: The morning breeze has many secrets to tell you. 

2. Stay in the present Moment as you go through your day. Expect good things to come.

3. Do things that spark using the right side of your brain~Your creative side. Because of this age of information overload, we must disconnect from the left logical brain that is a part of this chattering mind feed.

4. Move! Breathe! and Hydrate! Exercise to create more flow and oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is driven by hydration so don't forget to drink water and move. Breathing techniques with yoga practice is founded on bringing the breath in to enhance your connection to your deeper brain/self. 

5. Self Love. Check in with how you feel about abundance. Tell yourself (and believe it) I am worthy of anything I want. Money is neutral. Money is only energy. Fulfillment and Abundance come from increasing your energy bank and allowing it to flow to you and through you. It can be easy if you are not blocking your energy centers. If you need more help with this reach out to me. Spiritual wealth=Material Wealth exchange.

6. Nutrition is important with your spiritual health as well as your physical health. Here are 5 foods to decalcify your pineal gland to help with both: Watercress, Pineapple, Coconut meat or water, Bananas, and Avocados. Watch this video link to get more detail about the benefits of each. 

7. Sharing your value with the world. The law of exchange is the secret to living the life you desire. Giving and receiving. Find your value, your talent that you can add value to the world and share it. When you do so everything else follows. 

By increasing your Energy Bank Balance you are now open for receiving anything you desire. Always remember The Law of Exchange giving value to the world and receiving with ease. 

Get started today with Meditation, Living in the present moment, unplugging each day to be creative, exercise and hydrate, love yourself, eat right and share your value with the world. And watch how the shift begins for you to see a shift and ease as your energy bank is filled.

Simplicity and the allowance of energetic flow creates a magical existence. 

Love and kindness to you.




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