Raise Your Financial Frequencies

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My meditation teacher told me about a study that was done in the 50’s or 60’s and it went something like this; They placed a sales agent in a low-priced sales territory and he made $50,000 in commissions the 1st year which was much higher than average.  They then put him in a high priced sales territory.  They expected him to make a greater amount in commissions but he again made $50,000. Why is that?  I believe it is because that was the level of his financial frequencies. Financial frequencies, (some people call them vibrations or thermostats), determine the amount of our income and wealth.  We have all heard of the lottery winner who lost their winnings in just a few years. The core cause of this is low financial frequencies.

Our financial frequencies have a set point based on our internal beliefs, some core beliefs we may not even realize we have.  What were you taught as a child?  Does any of this sound familiar; Money doesn’t grow on trees, (actually it does), there are starving children in the world, you have to work hard to make it in this world, save money for a rainy day…

In order to raise our financial frequencies, we have to look at what is driving us from the backend.  What negative thoughts and patterns are we repeating?  The 1st step to raising our frequencies is to notice the patterns that are holding us back. My parents used to argue about the lack of money when I was a child. I definitely remember my mom saying many times, “money doesn’t grow on trees”. I adopted the belief that money is scarce and I had an automatic fear response to lack of money for many years.  It was a vicious cycle because my thoughts about it actually created the lack.  My emotions and thoughts about not having enough or what might happen in the future were much larger than the reality of the situations.  What I mean by that is I blew up the problems in my mind and really scared myself. And because to this I created a self-perpetuated reality.

Raise your financial frequencies

After noting the core beliefs that are detrimental, the next step to raise your financial frequencies is to release the patterns that are holding you down. I began to change things through meditation, education and self-reflection.  I took notice of the reoccurring patterns and negative tendencies and really looked at them for the lies that they are. 

The prosperity meditation above, inspiration and positive thinking can go a long way to get us back on track, but unless we acknowledge and release the negative responses that are driving us, we will create the same pattern time and again.

What are the core beliefs and the primary patterns that are determining your financial frequencies?

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