Roeckl Madrid Riding Gloves Review

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Riding gloves... they're the unsung heroes of an Equestrian's outfit.  They keep our hands free from blisters and dirt and grip the reins on rainy days.  

If you've never ridden in Roeckl gloves I highly recommend you give them a crack!  I've tried out my fair share of other brands of riding gloves but these babies take the cake.   I currently have the black & gold Madrid gloves but am eyeing off the Mocha for my next purchase to match my brown showjumping gear!  

Now of course there's more to these gloves than just matching them to your gear (for some anyway!). 

Here are 6 reasons why I'm addicted to them:  

  • The thickness or thin(ness) of the material is perfect. I love that I can still feel my horses mouth when I'm riding, also being able to do up buckles and adjust my gear without having to take them off makes everything easier and less time consuming (so important when you have kids and not much time).


  • They're machine washable! Yes people, you read correctly. I just chuck them in the machine and they come out like new. I'm a bit fussy with my washing though and put them in a wash bag then let them air dry.


  • Durability. I use mine not only for riding but carting hay bales, feeding out and fixing fences.  They've been going strong for over a year now!


  • Great material. They're made from a synthetic leather called Drytec G5 with slip stop and the backhand is made from soft Micro Mesh - no more sweaty hands!


  • I can use my Smart Phone! Yep, I can take selfies with my horse or horse-ear view shots while out on the trail, no more dropping stuff while trying to juggle my glove, phone and the reins!


  • And of course I couldn't not mention the look of them. They look professional yet a bit sporty.  And the colours are so nice with their colour-contrasting border and metallic Roeckl logo, you'll be sure to find a pair to match your gear!


You can check out the latest Roeckl gloves and their great-looking colours here  

Roeckl Madrid Riding Gloves

I'd love to read your comments on what you think too!  What is your fave colour, style?  Do you love or loathe them?

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