Serendipity-A Fortunate Accident

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Does your life feel as though you are stuck in a tunnel going nowhere? It sometimes looks green, and sometimes it feels as though you are drowning? Either way...You can change to see a clear path to Freedom and Empowering choices. 

If you are reading this and feel the smothering feeling of stagnation and long for something different to indeed live your life and follow your dreams and what you desire, then keep reading by all means!

Sometimes we are just going about life and minding our own business, and out of nowhere, there appears this fantastic person or circumstance. Do you ever wonder why people nowadays want to quiet their minds (like meditating)? When you are in a relaxed mind, it is then that great things come our way. This, my friend, is where the magic begins. 

Most people are so busy that it is difficult to take the time to meditate or slow the mind. One way I discovered was to listen to videos for quieting the mind while driving into work. This I found fueled me with positivity as I started the day at this job I was unhappy going to. 

Then.....while watching a video one morning an ad popped up and this wonderfully energetic couple full of life and enthusiasm explained to me how I could change my life and follow my dreams, just like they did by starting their own online business. They are living their life with Financial Freedom, an excellent support community of like-minded positive people and the Freedom of Traveling all around the world. What would you like to do if Fear or money restriction were not in the picture?

There you have it...My Fortunate Accident~Serendipity. I took their advice and found so much more! I now have my own business, and I have gained so much more! I am learning how to change not only my circumstances but also have shifted my whole way of thinking.

I have found my purpose in life. I have always just carried on being me and doing what I do, but not really fully understand. I now know; I strive to be a catalyst for others to find Freedom, Peace, Empowerment, and Joy in living their best lives. This is the guiding compass that carries me through helping others as a guiding light.

"Change your thoughts, and you will change your life" as Wayne Dyer would say. Since discovering the meaning behind what I have always strived for I am now focused and can realize my real potential and most importantly build others up and show them what I have discovered so that they can do the same. 

Do you see the light at the end of this tunnel? Or do you see a road to nowhere?

How do you perceive life? Do you feel as though life has a series of Fortunate Accidents just waiting for you to discover? 

What is the most important thing a human should discover before they die?

We are all only here but just a blink of an eye. Make your life the best you can while you are here. 

If you were on your death bed today, what one thing would you say to yourself? Did you do all that you could to live your life to the fullest? Get out of your comfort zone and make a change to live out your dreams! Wake up! You only have one experience! 

Take a chance on you, You deserve it!



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