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Hello everyone, 

                         I hope everyone had an amazing day/night and hopefully everything is becoming better and better by the second. Most of the time, on a blog we expect is to receive information about a certain topic or teachings of a new skill, however today I don’t really want to do that. Let me ask you a  simple question rather:  “Have you ever felt as if you were alone in the world? Not in a depressing mood, but  rather unique, original, an outcast?.” 


       I have, for the most of my life actually. I have always searched to feel or be part of a certain group, be with a group of friends: people who understands and think just as me. After years of trying I realized that there is a problem with this goal because I was different, true, and original in the groups where I tried to fit in. Later I found out that  those groups that I have been envious towards were all part of a system that is fixed in simple indications that all should follow one rule :and that is "Be like the group”. A rule that is said to help with human interaction suddenly removes the human effect.  Where is your individuality if you are never you, passing your whole time pretending to be someone that you are not just to be with people; by the end of the day being in a group must be exhausting, lonely, and must feel quite empty inside; since you only do and get obejects and activities that the group decide are acceptable; doing this people lose their sens of who they are and what they want. Only you know know what you want, who you are, and who you want to be? The decision is always yours, and is determined not by where you are born, but what you do.

        In the past 2 millenniums so much as evolved:  our concept of our space and environment for instance, moved from being the center of the universe, to being a flat land, to  circular  having the sun circling around us, to where we are today; in this millenium, a letter became a telegram that became an email, that became a text. We are moving at such a fast paste, in technology science and everything that we believe is needed to remain alive; yet as a society, we still use the same mentality that was installed at the time of Aristotle. As human beings we not only became obsessed over material things, we diminished the important ones: family, loyalty and even trust.  It doesn’t make sens, we have proved that we are an evolving species, yet we conformed, and  stoped evolving as better men; what good is it? I am not saying that conformity is bad, but if you are in the search of growth, conformity is the opposite. Let me take a very simple example, one that we all know very well: you want be fit, cut and healthy, yet you pass your time laying down on a couch or a bed, watching tv or playing video games, eating chips; will that help your cause? In the path of growth and improvement, conformity does not exist. You do the complete opposite, in our example, you would have to get up go to the gym, for a walk/run, and follow a strict diet. Just as if you were crazy like me, and go 4 hours in the gym. 


        I have been told that I am insane for the simple reason, that I am willing to go against a fabric that was created ages ago. I believe that every man, woman and child has greatness within them,everyone has the capacity to breackthrough; the only thing is that you have to search for it, and see that it is true. We go through all those grades in school in the hopes that we get a diploma, yet we learn absolutely nothing that is of relevance to us. Now I am not saying that knowledge is not important, without information how can develop or learn something new, and without education there can be no interactions. However receiving validation from the outside is very dangerous; if you tell a cat it is a dog long enough it might just start barking for example. 

     Don t you agree, life can be so much more than waking up going to work paying the bills coming back home and have a few drinks on the week ends. So tell me, are you willing to peacefully and blindly walk down a path left by society to follow, or do you want to build a life you don’t need a vacation from, filled of bruises and cuts, but ultimaly one you can enjoy, while making a dent in the universe, making your mark? 

Don’t be strangers, comment your answers!! 

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