Super human powers!

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Super human powers - fiction or reality?

  For almost two years I have been following a Hindu Guru called Paramahamsa Nithyananda and during these years my curiosity and thirst for learning has brought me to various events with him in India. 

  The first time was at the Kumbh Mela the biggest spiritual gathering in the world in the dessert of Ujjain. Here I can honestly say I got an overdose of Spiritual seekers during six intense weeks. The second event I attended in his Ashram in Bidadi, with approx. seventeen hundred seekers who all had come for the promise to be taken out of the Maya Matrix way of living.  The third event was a yoga teacher training where we got the basic skills to perform the most ancient yoga form of Kundelini Raju rope yoga and Shiva Stamba / Mala Kamba pole yoga. All three events incredible in their own specific way, but with the common purpose of awaking our true potentials as human beings and awaken our third eye and the super human powers that lays dormant within us all. 

Wake up call

  Paramahamsa Nithyananda also referred to as Swamiji is on a mission to awaken humanity. The “awakened powers” some of his disciples is expressing is nothing less than miraculous. The list of awakened powers grows steadily month by month and it seems as if they are escalating with time. According to Swamiji there are over 400 super human powers that we are capable of expressing as humans so I guess time is of essence. 


Looking back

   I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I’m expecting something to look different.  Being in the presence of such a master, for the second time this year, totaling ten weeks of yoga, meditations, Satsangs, blessings and initiations. I should be able to see something different. I stare at my reflection but there’s no extraordinary light in the eyes starring back at me. I wash my hands and leave the washroom.

  I look at the woman I meet in the stairway on my way out. I recognize her from the Kumbh Mela event. More than 3000 disciples in a camp in the dessert was not an event that you’ll find under the search tool “relaxing spiritual retreat”. No it was more like a spiritual boot camp. A very interesting boot camp to say the least. But never the less a boot camp.

  I remember her specifically because she was sleeping close to my bunk bed in the dormitory. She would stay in her bed most of the day, lazily flipping a fan over her face. I know she recognize me, but she ignores to nod hi.  I never saw her take any initiative to help out in the camp or do anything else than move  from bed to the food hall to the meditation hall. She complained not vividly in a big stormy way, but there was a undertone of complaint in everything she said and did.

  She was not the only one, a lot of people where frustrated about the intense dessert heat, the conditions in the camp, the intensity of being around so many people for weeks and weeks takes its toll. But it’s under tough conditions your true colors shows its glory. There was a lot of beautiful souls, people with integrity, patience, humor and a helping hand but here was also a lot of unpleasant people. I honestly never met so many broken people in one place in my life before.

bundle of seekers

  A mix of bundled seekers coming from all corners of the world to be in the presence of the master. They are all seekers of their true essence. But in reality some of them just want to be healed. Heal me, help me, fix me! ‘If you get your lazy butt off the bed you might actually start to feel better.’ I was thinking to myself as I passed her bed. At the end of the day you got to be willing to help yourself.

   She’s part of the “fix me bundle”. You have a whole army of different bundles of seekers just like outside the camp … in daily life!  You have the “doers bundle”, the army of people who where willing to role up their sleeves and do what is needed to be done. The once that made the camp work at all. Travelling over oceans to be in the Masters presence and selflessly working to keep the camp decent, cleaning toilets and showers with limited water supply, assembling bunk beds until fingers where numb and aching. Cooking and cleaning from dawn to dusk.

   Then you have the “caretaker bundle”, the once who’ll do anything to help another human being. And you have the “pleaser bundle” who’ll do whatever they think is appropriate to do in the eyes of others, and then there’s the  “show-off bundle” who does what is expected only when they know they are being observed. One bundle of doubters packed up and left the campus and there where those who didn’t doubt but still packed up and left. Deciding they had enough of discomfort and didn’t feel the camp was safe for their health.  

  Through extreme dessert heat, unexpected rainstorms that resulted in a flooded camp and hurricane winds ripping the roofs of the campus it was the doers that made it doable to stay and it was doubtless the protecting breathing space of our Master Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda that kept us all safe. While other campus around us was flattened to the ground ours was still standing, damaged yes, but standing. That was Kumbh Mela in May 2017

 So I keep weeding

  December, 6 months later and I’m back in India this time in his Ashram. Completely different circumstances, different event , but the same bundles of day to day people. The once who just want to be healed, the doers, the doubters, the caretakers, the pleasers, We are all there to be taken out of the Maya Matrix way of living, to awaken our highest potential, our super human powers. Powers that we all are capable of expressing according to our Master Swamiji.


  And many of us do. Incredible things are happening in the Ashram every day. Not only his Gurukul kids are expressing extraordinary powers, the children who live, learn and breath his truth every day but also adults, disciples who come from far away, who stay in the Ashram only for a short time are able to express the powers. Powers like blind fold reading, distance vision, body scanning, materializing from thin air, moving objects with the mind and having access to complicated mathematical calculations within seconds. Having access to the Universal intelligence is what we are all there for.

  My own super human power progress has been disappointing.  I have my moments of psychic visions but it’s far from access I can count on, it simply happens when it happens. So far my third eye vision is still in sleeping beauty slumbering mood as if there’s a belief not knowing the thorns will prickle, tickle or truly wake me up.  I have had incredible experiences in my meditations lately and my healing powers might be stronger, honestly I don’t know. When it comes to giving healing I don’t try to do anything I just let whatever needs to happen, happen. As far as I know I’m not expressing any extraordinary super human powers, if I did I’m sure my kids would bring me back to Matrix reality in a flash, by reminding me their basic needs.

  We are coming to the end of the event, another four weeks of yoga, meditations, kirtans and Satsang teachings and my super powers are still slumbering. What does that mean? Am I not a true believer? Am I not worthy to express them? Am I not capable to express them? No, none of that is true we are all capable and worthy we simply have a lot of patterns and limiting believes rooted in us to prevent it from happening, but no one is denied access. It’s our birthright, our true nature we just need to weed out the garden first. So I keep weeding!

Back and back again

  Another six plus three months later and I’m back again by my Guru’s feet. Honoring his presence. Actually, finally falling in love with his divine presence.  I don’t consider myself a Hindu. Even though he is very much promoting Hinduism I don’t feel I need to attach to that. I honor the God he is regardless of the label. Personally I don’t align with boarders of a religion to define my faith. My spiritual understanding and connection is broad and open and I have no desire to attach a label. If anything at all, I consider myself “a free spirit."


It is actually starting to happen

This time my super human powers are starting to wiggle. Just a little. I can now officially call myself a "coconut mind roller" LOL. Rolling coconuts off the hands of others with your mind is a mind over matter technique and might not serve much purpose in it self. It is the development of this technique that can serve humanity by controlling various bodily functions without toxic medication etc. I’m too much of a novice to further explain this but I see it as a fun exercise that entertains me and my close once. 

  What I do know is that there are many among us that do express amazing  powers and they do it with such simplicity, grace and joy. A new human species is being created under the loving guidance of  Swamiji. A super human species that operate from a state of complete integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. At the end of the day one can only express the true essence through these for states and eternal unconditional love and compassion.

  If you think love is expressed only with sweet touches and soft words I’m about to rock your boat because true essence of love is powerful and none apologetically direct. No fussing around. Its power can literally move worlds and if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes I probably wouldn’t believe it. So buckle up your seatbelt because I just introduced you to a tribe with some of the most extra ordinary people I’ve ever met who are expressing super human powers beyond what we think is possible for the human being.

  Like Swamiji  says “I’ve not come back to earth to prove to you that I am God. I’ve come back to prove to you that YOU are.”  I think that’s pretty cool!

The best is yet to come!

Much love



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