Surveillance psychiatry

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Have you ever heard of surveillance psychiatry?


A new smart phone app developed by a company called Mindstrong says collecting scientific data from a person's digital life can gain insights into mental health.

In December 2018 Jeff Bezos' VC firm invested in Mindstrong. Dr Tom Insel is their current CEO, who is the former head of the National Institute of Mental Health. The company claims to be able to monitor and even predict your future mental health behavior, by your rate of page scrolling, hours of social media posting, rate of typing and page changing.

AI in your health

Using AI algorithms to collect and analyze data to determine timing and rates of depression, anxiety and mania, but this data is also being sold to pharmaceutical companies for research of new antidepressants. As we all know advertisements follow you all over online, and who benefits from advertising to you when you're manic? Vegas? Expensive toys? For me it would be that perfect convertible sports car “ I need” when I'm in that frame of mind.

United Healthcare is starting to make use of this technology, I honestly can't tell how I feel about that.

Thirteen counties and two cities in California are the first to use this type of psychiatry. 100 million has been allocated over the next four years for patients on state provided mental health services. Mindstrong uses a different key board on your phone and a daily diary for mood tracking. A diary can be helpful to see your triggers and patterns to discuss with your Dr.

Loss of privacy for everyone

Privacy concerns are huge with so many technological advances, and is your mood something you want the state keeping track of?