Swim With The River

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The Train Carriage is 35ºc workers crammed on like baked beans in a can, the stink of the desporation fills the air, half the people on here need a fag the other need a drink and there's not one single smile between them, not even a smirk is raised as the candal of life burns slowly and painfully away on a 40mph train into work.  

Stairing at screens they long for a better life, liking and loving the freedom of the social media mouse trap, add after add, thinking this is my life, shit, this is my life? 

Brakes whirl and the tin can comes to a stop and the worker drones file off in a autopilot state, they make their way to go make the other guy happy and rich, fulfilling someone else's dream leaves them empty, feeling like a whore they battle on through day trying to stay on it to make that buck so they can buy the new best thing in a vain attempt to create happiness.

You're fighting a loosing battle, the winds of everyday life are tossing you around like beat up plasic bag, with no direction and no idea how it's gonna end and even if it's really started, they think to themselves, 'tomorrow it will be better, tomorrow I'll change, tomorrow I'll change, tomorrow I'll change, tomorrow I'll change?'

Tomorrow does not exist


Swim With The River,

                                       Everyday is a battle, a fight to get through the waking hours without hurting someone?

Well... let me tell you something, you are doing this thing we call life wrong! Right now just stop and think why do I fight like this, what is it achieving? 

I fought for forty years, smimming up the river against the flow and got no where, then one day I thought, why? why the fuck am I fighting like this? The only way to find a true self is be youself, do what makes you happy, right nowlife is made up of whole series of right nows, it's not made tomorrow's or yesterdays, it's made up of a RIGHT NOWStop swimming against the current, turn around and go with the flow. Join me on free video course on how you can stop working for the other guys and start building a life of you own, wurthy of such wonderfull person. 

I hope you've enjoyed my blog, like life the grammer isn't perfect, it's fun!! Andy undefined


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