Take 100% Responsibility

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It is Sunday morning, and reflecting over the week I have had I know has been both ups and downs. I have celebrated wins and I have encountered struggles, but the main focus throughout it all was to take responsibility and endure the consequences no matter what happens, doing my best to solve the situation. 

Sunday Success Principle

I have posted this on my other Social Media outlets, but today is when I give you a vital success principle that aims to further your progression of personal growth. 

Today's Success Principle is: Take 100% responsibility and ownership over your life and your problems.

When was the last time you had a crisis solved by blaming someone else for it? Did you feel better afterwards or did you feel regret or guilt? Most chances are it just passed the probelm on to the next unsuspecting victim and you didn't feel all too great in your heart doing it. But there is a way to prevent the heartbreak of others and to solve the problem itself before it gets to big- and that means solving it.

When you take ownership over each situation that arrives in your life, you can prevent it from turning bad and you will be seen as a leader for dealing with problems and not passing it on. People who pass on the problem without doing anything about it are not well recieved and may even be seen as a coward, lazy, or worse yet, arrogant.

This doesn't just mean problems either- it accounts for your actions in general. Whatever consequences happen due to your behaviour or your choices is your responsibility. How can you blame someone else for something you have done? As long as you are aware of the situations you put yourself in, you can control it for either the good or the bad. Aim for the good and people will follow you, aim for the bad- you will feel repulsion.

Now as Sunday's are days of rest for me, my Blog articles will be a little shorter, but each will have a principle challenge accompanying it that I urge you to do your best and try.

Your Challenge

You have one challenge for this week concerning this principle: When you see a problem in front of you, take 100% responsibility, fix it and make it become a positive situation or experience.

Comment below a situation you are going to be in-charge of this week, or something you have overcame in your past so you can inspire others to do the same!

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Love. Passion. Success.

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