The Amazing Secret To Over Coming Obstacles In Life

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Here's the secret to success. No it's not money, resources, time or even motivation. The secret is within everyone and is usually rooted deep in the subconscious mind. Those who are aware of this secret can harness it's power to use it to fulfil there ultimate goals in life. Those who are unaware of it allow it to create mental obstacles between them and their higher purpose. The secret is...


...your core beliefs.

If you're not sure what core beliefs are and/or how to over-come them I invite you to watch the video below by counselor Douglas Bloch where he briefly explains a number of questions about core beliefs. If you're on your phone the video might not show so Click here to watch it on YouTube! (I'm so Tec savvy😂) 

After watching this video you should now have an understanding of what belief systems are and why they are so fundamentally important in either holding you back or propelling you forward in life. Here are my 4 top tips for overcoming your negative beliefs.

1. Write your negative beliefs down and rate them on a scale of 1-10 (1 being strongly disagree and 10 being strongly agree)- You should write these beliefs down in a journal and go back to it to update it depending on your mood. If you feel that your beliefs have a strength of only 2 when in a positive mood but a 8 when in a negative mood, such as feeling stressed or anxious, it can be easier to see that the belief is just a product of these things rather than true. However if you feel this belief all the time then it has become deeply rooted in your subconcious. 

2. Write down the opposite of your negative belief- For example one of my negative beliefs was 'Im too young to make it in the business industry.' so i changed that to 'Im young and full of energy to expend on learning and growth. I have the potential to be anything and do anything.'

3. Reinforce your positive belief system everyday- Keep a journal and try to write down daily what it was, no matter how small, that gave evidence to support your positive belief. Write your positive beliefs on sticky notes and stick them round the house where you know you'll routinely look and if you meditate, which i highly recommend you do, begin saying the positive beliefs (which can also be called affirmations) aloud or in you head to yourself why you meditate. 

4. Look at your circle of influence- Look at the ten closest people to you, those you spend the most time with. Do they drag you down or lift you up? Those nearest to us are the ones who can often do the most damage. As you go through your negative beliefs you may find that certain people around you reinforce that belief in you through there language or actions. Prehaps its time to let that certain friend go or distance yourself from a particular family memeber? Remember you are the sum equation of those closest to you, so surround yourself with amazing people and you too will be amazing. 

Thanks for reading the whole blog, dont forget to leave a comment of your new POSITIVE beliefs, check out my last post from yesterday (trying to do a post a day for 90 days, wish me luck!) and go give me a follow on instgram for updates on when I post.

Over and out, 

Hayley x

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